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The Seven Planetary Banners of Creation

    The seven banners of creation that are arranged in a circle around the center of the altar, are very cryptic, even with the explanations of Dr. Rudd. It is interesting that in his version the banners bear many names of goetic angels like Belial, Balam, Bael or Gaap. Furthermore Dr. Rudd changed the analogies of the banners and used them differently then John Dee. I prefer John Dee's versions. In any case the banners have some relations to the kings and princes of the Heptarchia Mystica and until now Dr. Rudd is the single one magician that attempted to understand them. Here you can see both versions of the banners, as well as the comments of Dr. Rudd. On the left side you can see the banners of John Dee and on the right side the ones of Dr. Rudd. Looking at the interpretations the group that worked with Dr. Rudd had taken some freedoms and expansions - in their way pointing out that the enochian system of angel-magic is open to changes and improvements. A fact that you usually find only in chaos-magic and not exactly in the angel-magic of old times. The versions of Dr. Rudd are well documented in Adam McLeans edition of Dr. Rudd's "Treatise on Angel Magic" (published 2006 by Weiser in ME). I used this edition as resource.

The Banner of the Moon
King: Blumaza,
Prince: Bagenol

The Second Banner of Dr. Rudd

    As I have mentioned already Dr. Rudd and John Dee used different analogies. The (first) banner of the Moon of Dee is Dr. Rudd's second banner of Mercury. Beside the intelligence and the daemonium of the sphere of mercury Dr. Rudd explains:

The Number 7 denotes Cassiel in the seventh heaven (or orbit) of Saturn in the angelic choir of the Thrones.
The Number 8 denotes Methratton (Metatron) in the ninth heaven.
Bilieth (a variation of Beleth, the thirteenth goetic spirit) is waiting there and Gamigin (fourth goetic spirit).
The Number 3 shows that Anael and Bune are to be invoked nine times.
The Number 8 shows that Raziel is to be invoked three times in the stary firmament of the angelic choir of cherubim.
Below is Larmol — one of the twelve dukes that wait for Caspiel, a great king that rules in the south — he is accompanied by Budarym, both shall be invoked two times: Adam McLean figured out that both spirits are mentioned in Johannes Trithemius' Steganographia in chapter XVIII. As Cassiel controls the upper side of the square, Raziel controls the lower side.

The Banner of Mercury
King: Bnaspol,
Prince: Brorges

The Fourth Banner of Dr. Rudd

    John Dee's banner of Mercury is the fourth banner of Dr. Rudd, the banner of the Sun. In Dr. Rudd's version the hint on the intelligence and the daemonium of the sun is missing. In the tenth square of the sun (according to Dr. Rudd) the sign appears that is the symbol for Caspiel, the highest and greatest king of the south.

The Banner of Venus
King: Baligon,
Prince: Bornogo

The First Banner of Dr. Rudd

    The abbreviation "q*" in Dr. Rudd's banner signifies "quingent". John Dee's banner of the Venus is the first banner of Dr. Rudd - the banner of the Moon.

The Banner of Saturn
King: Bnapsen,
Prince: Bralges

The Third Banner of Dr. Rudd

The Banner of Sun
King: Bobogel,
Prince: Befafes

The Seventh Banner of Dr. Rudd

    Dr. Rudd comments: "Within the Circle is signified the first Orb of Heaven of Luna in the Order of Angels wherein resides and governs that glorious ministering Angel Gabriel. On the left side of the square is where Michael and Uriel reside in the 4th Orb or Heaven of Sol in the Order of Virtues, and over against it is 2, which shows the second Orb or Heaven of Mercury in the Order of Archangels. Underneath is 3, showing the third Orb or Heaven where resides Anael of the Order of Principalities. Within the square is showing the great mystery of the Trinity (this symbol is actually missing in Dr. Rudd's version - refer to John Dee's version). In an infinite Circle or Orb within the square is a Triangle pointing downwards, and signifies the Microcosm or little world, man, made up of Salt, Sulphur and Mercury. The figure about the Microcosm imports that Man is a Trinity composed of the four Elements, that he hath, first a Vegetative, second a Sensitive, third a Rational, Soul. 'A' underneath the triangle signifies "Animus Corpus vivens sentiens rationale" — "7" within the square shows Cassiel or Zaphkiel in the seventh Orb or Heaven of Saturn in the Order of the Thrones. On one side of the triangle is which signifies the Seal of Sibilla, the gentle Virgin of the Fairies and at the opposite end is placed "LV" i.e. Leraiv Valefar."

The Banner of Mars
King: Babalel,
Prince: Butmono

The Sixth Banner of Dr. Rudd

    "I have my problems with Dr. Rudd's explanation of this banner. I am quoting it nonetheless: "In this Table in the third square or Mansion I find (999 R) shows that 1200 ministering spirits attending Rael are sometimes invocated and ready to obey, for where you find 9 it signifies quadringeni the like of two." — Yes, indeed.

The Banner of Jupiter
King: Bynepor,
Prince: Blisdon

The Fifth Banner of Dr. Rudd

    In the 15th Mansion you find the seal of Bealphares, in the 22nd Mansion you find the seal of Parmesiel and in the 24th Mansion you find the seal of Asmodai.

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