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The 19. Enochian Call - The Call of the Aethyrs

The call of the aethyrs in enochian Scripture

Madriaax ds praf *, chis micaolz saanir caosgo, od fifis balzizras iaida! Nonca gohulim: micma adoian mad, iaod bliorb, soba ooaona chis luciftias piripsol; ds abraasa noncf netaaib caosgi, od tilb adphaht damploz. Tooat noncf gmicalz oma, lrasd tofglo marb yarry idoigo; od torzulp iaodaf, gohul: caosga, tabaord saanir, od christeos yrpoil tiobl, busdir tilb noaln paid orsba od dodrmni zylna. Elzap tilb, parm gi peripsax, od ta qurlst booapis. L nibm, ovcho symp; od christeos ag toltorn mirc q tiobl lel. Ton paombd, dilzmo aspian; od christeos ag l tortorn parach asymp. Cordziz, dodpal od fifalz l smnad; od fargt, bams omaoas. Conisbra od avavox tonug. Orsca tbl, noasmi tabges levithmong; unchi omp tilb ors. Bagle? Moooah ol cordziz. L capimao ixomaxip od ca cocasb gosaa; baglen pi tianta a babalond, od faorgt teloc vovim. Madriaax, torzu! Oadriax orocha, aboapri. Tabaori priaz ar tabas; adrpan cors ta dobix; yolcam priazi ar coazior, od quasb qting. Ripir paaoxt saga cor; uml od prdzar, cacrg aoiveae cormpt. Torzu, zacar od zamran aspt sibsi butmonah, ds surzas tia baltan; odo cicle qaa, od ozazma plapli iadnamad.

O you heuens which dwell in the First Ayre, the mightie in the partes of the Erth, and execute the Iudgment of the Highest! To you it is sayd, Beholde the face of your God, the begynning of cumfort, whose eyes are the brightnes of the hevens: which prouided you for the gouernment of the Erth and her vnspeakable varietie, furnishing you wth a powr vnderstand to dispose all things according to the providence of Him that sitteth on the Holy Throne, and rose vp in the begynning, saying: the Earth let her be gouerned by her parts and let there be diuision in her, that the glory of hir may be allwayes drunken and vexed in it self. Her course, let it ronne wth the hevens, and as a handmayd let her serve them. One season let it confownd an other, and let there be no creature vppon or within her the same: all her members let them differ in their qualities, and let there be no one creature aequall wth an other: the reasonable Creatures of the Erth let them vex and weede out one an other, and the dwelling places let them forget thier names: the work of man, and his pomp, let them be defaced: his buyldings let them become caves for the beasts of the feeld. Confownd her vnderstanding with darknes. For why? It repenteth me I made Man. One while let her be known and an other while a stranger: bycause she is the bed of a Harlot, and the dwelling place of Him that is Faln. O you heuens arrise: the lower heuens vnder neath you, let them serve you! Gouern those that govern: cast down such as fall! Bring furth with those that encrease, and destroy the rotten! No place let it remayne in one number: ad and diminish vntill the stars be numbred! Arrise, Move, and Appere before the Couenant of his mowth, which he hath sworne vnto vs in his Iustice. Open the Mysteries of your Creation: and make vs partakers of Vndefyled Knowledg.

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