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A Modern Topology of the thirty Æthyrs - Part Three

    ZIM - The Æthyr of practice: Here lives the leader of the so-called "Great White Brotherhood" - Nemo by name. The silent watcher of mankind, as he is being called, you meet in ZIM most of the time when he is cultivating a really big garden which is a symbol of the multiversum. Each plant and flower that occasionally pop up in this garden is a symbol for one new member of this Great White Brotherhood. This universal brotherhood has male and female beings initiated into ZIM and dedicated to helping all living beings open up to the spirit of love and developing their own spiritual nature. Compassionate action is a vital prerequisite for passing this Æthyr. At the moment you master the initiation in ZIM you yourself become a Nemo. Three possible paths you can walk afterwards. As a disciple you try to live the principles and concepts you internalized by working with enochian angel-magic in your daily life. As a compassionate you are walking the path of the teacher as a shining example, altruistically helping others on their spiritual path. Your life is changed fundamentally when you decide to choose this path. As an eremite you choose to share your wisdom and insights but keep your private life to yourself. Lao Tse was one of the more well-known examples of this path.

    LOE - The first Æthyr of glory: On one hand here live the great leaders of the hierarchy of compassions that devoted and sacrificed their life to help others and on the other hand here also live those adepts that avoid the Great Abyss because of egoistic reasons or simple fear. All adepts that passed VTA and who had developed not enough compassion remain in LOE. As in LEA you encounter the mysterium of Babalon who rides on a wild beast. Although this time the beast is the "Leader of the City of Pyramids" and represents on a symbolic level your inner divinity that developed more self-consciousness in LOE. In this Æthyr the last bits of egoism and selfishness had to be transformed. You realize here that compassion for others is a holy calling. Even when passing this Æthyr some rests of pride and egocentrism are left that are to be eliminated in due course in the next Æthyr.

    IKH - The Æthyr of tension: IKH is the highest Æthyr the spirit of man can reach. Here in IKH exists a great megalopolis that is called "The Holy City" which is the highest possible residence of the human spirit, called manas. Everywhere in IKH you feel the incredible tension as if something very important is about to happen immediately - and yet nothing ever happens and the tension remains high. An impression of upcoming doom let you sense that the last bits of your personality are about to be destroyed in the tempests of the Great Abyss. A being, known as Shu to the egypts lives here in this Æthyr. Shu once separated heaven and earth. Here in IKH he keeps the separation between structured manifestation and the chaotic blackness of the Great Abyss. Many angelic beings help Shu in this deed and keep the daemon Choronzon that lives in the Great Abyss from entering the lower Æthyrs. Before you are trying to cross the Great Abyss it is most important to remain in IKH as long as you need to overcome the deep angst of the formless chaos in ZAX.

    The invincible barrier for your causal-body is the tenth Æthyr ZAX that is also an exception to the various phase-borders because it is the only barrier that is itself an Æthyr and must be experienced directly to reach the higher planes. ZAX is the most dense of the spiritual Æthyrs. The spiritual Æthyrs are assigned to the Table of Unification that is composed from letters of the Black Cross. The energetic body that you use to travel in these regions is called the atma-buddhi and is formless, without gestalt, in humanoid terms and perception. This spritual body is a direct emanation of the monadic ID-entity. All spiritual Æthyrs are pure energy, filled up with creative potentials. The spiritual plane is divided between the last four Æthyrs and the lower six ones, but you can travel all of them with the same energetic body. The quantum-foam formed by cells in the size of Planck's Length is the physical representation of the spiritual plane. Space and time as you know are bended, altered and total alien here - there is no space and no time there as you know it.

    ZAX - The Æthyr of the One with a Great Name: The Great Abyss that is between form and spirit in which the master of gestalt resides - Choronzon. ZAX is the lowest level of buddhistic Nirvana because the ego is destroyed here in a spur of a moment by the tempest of chaos. Choronzon represents the forces of incoherency and annihilation that are the two main aspects of this Æthyr. Because Choronzon is master of form or gestalt he adapts himself in his gestalt to anyone that dares to enter the Abyss. Before entering ZAX you are required to let go any form of personality you identify yourself with - otherwise Choronzon does that for you by annihilating it. That is something not so desirable. Pure consciousness can pass through ZAX and to accomplish this state of being you have to silence the spirit by entering samadhi. This step you must make everytime you enter ZAX or one of the higher Æthyrs beyond ZAX.

    ZIP - The Æthyr for those who are not: The first spiritual Æthyr. The name refers to those that are void of their ego. After entering ZIP you are going to be awed by its beauty. A stone palace is in this Æthyr that is named Stone of the Philosophers or the Palace of the King's Daughter. This stone changes the further you dive into ZIP to a wonderful woman. She is the "Virgin of Eternity", called Shakti, Kundalini, Isis or the Daughter of Babalon and personifies the extreme feminin current of ZIP. The dark aspect of feminity - Kali - is only hinted here. In this Æthyr you experience that spirit is much more real then matter. You can feel Ananda strongly in ZIP.

    ZID - The Æthyr of one's inner God: As feminin the current of ZIP is, as male it is in ZID. You encounter your Holy Guardian Angel here, the inner divine spark or your inner spiritual nature. The communication and knowledge of this angel is the goal of high-magic. Do not confuse this divine spark with your True Will. You learn about your True Will by experiencing your Holy Guardian Angel.

    DEO - The Æthyr of spiritual selfishness: Love is the main theme in DEO. Here there are two versions of it: Loving yourself and loving others. The first kind of love is the spiritual selfishness of a pratyeka buddha, the second kind of love can express itself by compassion. The angel guiding through this Æthyr is female. The goddess of DEO is Venus or Shakti, the goddess of love and creative manifestations. You encounter various pratyeka buddhas in this Æthyr, too. Their appearance reminds you on that of the adepts in VTA. These buddhas live a sort of transcendental solipsism that considers everything an illusion except the own existence. The higher Æthyrs you can only reach being a boddhishattva. Pratyeka buddhas cannot pass beyond DEO. A bodhishattva accept other beings as existing and helps them to become like them.

    MAZ - The Æthyr of appearances: Here in this Æthyr your entanglement with the chain of cause and effect ends, permanently. You realize this by the symbolic language of this Æthyr. Sometimes the temple in MAZ is seen as a gigantic urn that keeps the burned karma. Gerald Schueler mentiones three different kinds of adepts, personified in MAZ: The white adept that reacts in a positive way to his surroundings. The black adept that considers his surroundings as illusion or suffering, thus reacting negative and the yellow adept that does not give a thought on these things. These three paths are also described as sat-chit-anand of buddhism. If you reach this Æthyr it is plain clear that you are a jivamukti - someone that reached liberation while living.

    LIT - The Æthyr that is without a supreme being: Here in this Æthyr all gods and higher beings of mankind exist. When entering LIT you can see these beings in endless rows like many avenues with pylons with future and past gods on it. These avenues lead to a mountain. On the peak of it is an empty pylon which symbolizes that there is no higher being at all but only hierarchies - in fractal geometry it quickly becomes clear how this is meant. A symbolic arrow can be seen in the sky of this Æthyr, which name is the "Arrow of Truth". It has the feathers of Maat, the goddess of truth and the shaft is from Amen, the hidden god. The barb is the Silver Star of Isis. Aleister Crowley named his own magic order the "Order of the Silver Star" - now you know where this Silver Star is from. In the enochian symbolic language this arrow is a symbol that there are no personified gods but intelligent powers of orientation that replace the personified concepts.

    PAZ - The Æthyr of impending expression: Male and female power-currents are united here in PAZ. In symbolical language this is expressed by a beautiful dark woman and a dark, more ugly appearing man that are united in a wild embrace. Both are hurting each other: the woman is strangling the man and he is trying to rip her apart. The woman is Babalon and the man is the chaos - the neverending battle between cosmos and chaos that creates the various planes and Æthyres that are located below PAZ. In magical terms the man is the will and the woman the love.

    ZOM - The Æthyr of self-knowledge: In this Æthyr you become a Magus. Here you learn that the objective reality is deeply interwoven with your subjective self: That which is within is equal to that which is outside. The monadic ID of man contains an infinite universe and at the same time an infinitesimal consciousness. The symbol of the circle with the point in its center you experience here - with the little difference that the center is nowhere and the radius is simply everywhere. After you learned your True Will in ZID you start in ZOM to consciously control your surroundings and yourself. You realize how to manifest your will and materialize it. The feeling of creative freedom is in ZOM quite intense.

    ARN - The Æthyr of fulfillment: This is the Æthyr of the being called Babalon. The name Babalon means translated "The Attraction of Sound" which is a hint on what you experience in this Æthyr. Babalon is the personification of extreme attraction that exists between the self and the objective non-self. The symbolic language of Egypt depicted this self as winged sphere and the non-self as the goddess Nut that arches over the world in the form of the stary sky of the night. The whole atmosphere of ARN is filled with intense bliss and ecstacy. Here you are confronted with the ultimative duality - the origin of all dualisms. The result is nirvikalpa.

    LIL - The first Æthyr: LIL is the first Æthyr of non-duality and the highest Æthyr that man can reach. In the thelemitic symbolic language the Æthyr's symbol is the tame beast as Hoor-pa-Khrat or Harpokrat.

    The final barrier is invincible for mankind. Above LIL and the invincible barrier are eighteen heavenly regions that were previously unknown to modern enochian magicians. They can be opened with the same call but the names of the heavens are usually unknown.

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