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The Otherkin

    1985 Dr. Johanna Wagner wrote a book about the magic practice of some African medicinmen by the title of "Those, who look like someone, but who are perhaps something completely different". The title of this book describes in its exact sense of the word a living being, which appears totaly normal, but who is actually something entirely different. In shamanism we are confronted with these things quite often - everytime the Shaman is being possessed by his animal spirits or some other spirits. He is then no human anymore, he becomes his ally or the spirit which is riding him and possessing the human body for a time. During this time the Shaman in only human and shaman on the surface, inside and in reality he is the ally or the spirit, he acts differently and he can even go through physical changes (the colour of the eyes and other medical symptoms may change, appear or disappear). This condition usually does not last very long and the Shaman is turning back into what he was before - a shaman and human.

    But how does it looks like, if a person is something completely different from the inside? If its appearance on the surface is totally normal, but inside, it is permanently something different? If this is not an extraordinary state of trance, but the normal condition? These people are in their insides no humans, they do not have a human soul or have, at the most, a soul similar to the human soul. One of these days in the nintees they gave themselves a more fitting name: Otherkin. They are human just from the outside. Inside they are all kinds of beings: elves, fairies, demons, gods and aliens - just to name a few categories. They life their normal life and do not attract any special attention - unless you get to know them more closely or they are outing themselves - which I am going to do now in this part of my Website.

    Quite heavy stuff? I understand, if this thoughts seem strange to you, I felt the same a long time. If this is the case, you are propably (!) a real normal human, inside and outside. Let me give you an advice: what you are reading here, just let it be as it is - accept it as an unique sight of the world and do not worry too much about it. My thoughts are for those of us, who experience these things themselves or have a real interest in it. As a pure human being at least you can learn here, that there are some completely different points of view and ways of life then known to you so far.

Various people have seen me as flying dragon during daylight. Those incidents I am monitoring very closely. The most impressive case happened in summer 2007, when I returned from a shamanic journey in the "middle world". Usually I do not pay much attention to the route and altitude I use to return back - a long time I was convinced that this would not have any practical effects: After all, it is "only" a shamanic journey. Well, this conviction changed quickly after I frightened some friends of me, who had a walk outside in a little mountain-forest nearby, with my low-level flight in high speed, just only some dozens yards above ground-level. The trees bended by the high velocity of the wind, because I manifested myself within a small thunderstorm, that literally stormed out from nowhere. I remembered even some people on the ground during this returning. My own physical body felt only a light wind-breeze at the moment I entered it again. This breeze my client also felt, I replied that this was I myself, returning into my body. Well, besides the fact that I have to plan my flight-routes a little more carefully I have now a practical experience that offers an explanation of those ancient siberian stories, in which shamans are being described, riding on their drums through the skies.

    For myself I experienced this "being different" for many years as an obscure, indistinct knowledge. In an intuitive way it was clear to me that I am something different. But there was no clearness there. Things I remembered and what I thought I would be, was of extrem contrary nature sometimes. I did know all along, that I have no human soul. My interpretations about my true nature where wide spread, because there where always new experiences and new pieces of information adding up. Today I compare this phase with a dream: you are hazingly aware of the dream, within yourself you know, that you are asleep. Within the dream this knowledge is perceived only vagualy, because the dreamvisions bind you in your attention as well as emotionally. When you awake you are totaly sure of your identity and there is no doubt, that you are what you are - yourself. In the terminology of the Otherkin this is called appropriatly Awakening.

    I awoke in August 2003 and was perfectly aware of my true self as sudden as you awake out from a dream to everydays consciousness. It was shocking clear from one moment to another, leaving no doubts. Due to the fact that my thoughts about the Otherkin appear exactly in this part of my Website it should be clear by now, what my true nature is (certainly not a Wolpertinger). After realizing my draconic nature and realizing it, a phase of inner cleansing followed: dear and comfortable points of view which built themselves up to a convenient selfimage during the years just tumbled down and made room for a whole new self-image. Many experiences found a logical explanation, as soon as I learned to accept my draconic self as the root of the experiences and as an explanation of my memories. There is also another way of awakening which takes place a little less dramatic. The slow recognition of the true nature, which develops over the years.

    My awakening coincidated with a Technical-Remote-Viewing-Project I worked on in August 2003. It was about myself and my first human incarnation. Within these sessions I got the missing informations, which afterwards allowed me to unite two big subject areas: the memories of my first (and only one, except this one, in historical times) incarnation and the spiritual and magical things which I experienced within the years of my present existence in relation to my identity. After you read this far, you may think I am totaly nuts, or you have a serious interest in this matter. And it is coming even better! Since there are a lot of Otherkins around I was curious, whether there are traces or tales about them in the myths of the worlds. Yes, there are! Several tales and traditional legends are ranking around beings appearing as human but are in reality something different - mostly dragons in china. It is common knowledge there that dragons occasionally appear as humans. In todays movies are many clear hints - even as I asume, the respective producer or writer does not really know that there are similar things in reality. Some examples: Hellraiser (Part 1) - the dragon which appears as a tramp and Cabal - in this movie the subject of the Otherkin is worked out in a more obvious but gloomy way. Clive Barker, who wrote the stories for Cabal and Hellraiser, seems to have more then just a vivid fantasy there.

    As far as I can judge it there are two, relatively secure ways to find out some indications as to your inner nature. There is a chance that these methods lead towards your awakening. The Merkabah-Meditation of Drunvalo Melchizedek is a good way to find out what is inside you. It normally uses the human measurements as a guideline - the diameter of the Outer Sphere while utilizing the spherical breathing is the length of the outstretched arms or the hight of the person practicing it. Being an Otherkin it is not the human measurements used there, but the measurements of the being you are. This can result in strong deviations. To measure the diameter of these spheres it is the best to have someone to help you, who does not know anything about this and who is capable to measure these things by intuition, by a pendulum or a divining rod. Another way would be the practice of astral journeying. Within the astral journey you change into your true body. This way it is really simple to find out whether you are different or not: as soon as you learned to stay in your astral body simply look down on yourself and see how your astral body looks like. Being human it would appear like your normal human body, being an Otherkin naturally it would be the true body of your inner Self, how it should be.

    The most reliable way to identify an Otherkin is however a Project following the CRV or TRV protocols. It is necessary for you or the Viewer to be really fit in the Remote Viewing techniques of TRV or CRV. Otherwise it does not make sense. Within proper conducted Remote Viewing sessions the Otherkin appears at what it is and not as human. However it is of great importance how the Target is formulated. It should be as neutral as possible. Avoid "Otherkin" and similar programming terms. Another less reliable way would be, just to collect circumstancial evidences. There are always experiences in everydays life which give you hints to help finding out who you are. The most interesting with these everyday life experiences are synchronicities and other sensitive persons. For the latter I give you the advice to be really careful!! They are quick to say that you are an angel or something like this. I am always very sceptical towards this kind of information of a sensitive, because it always is strongly influenced by the worldview and their own character. Take this kind of informations as a hint that there is something worth looking after. Concerning reincarnation-therapy I am in a conflict myself. On one hand this method gives you the possibility of getting informations by yourself. On the other hand these backtracings lead to an inflationary increase of kings, pharaohs and high priestesses, which are all incarnated at the same time - even in multiple numbers.

    There were some things I could not explain to myself, after becoming acquainted to the fact that I am a dragon in a human body. Why do I have human meridians? Why is my energetic body in some experiences totaly dragon and why does it turn back into human on other occassions? The answer gives Huna: An Otherkin is a being that owns the human body. The Lower Self has the energetic structure of a human, since it is a human body and logically a human Lower Self has to keep it functioning even as the memories are partly belonging the the true self. So it is not a possession strictu sensu, it is a special case of composition. As soon as rituals or meditations are done which have the Middle and Higher self as a center, the draconic nature manifests itself. While doing kundalini yoga or other tranceworks most of the time the human structures of the Lower Self showing up. Sometimes in a kind of mixture.

    The appearance of one energetic being heavily is depending on the background of the spectator and much less on the object he is looking at. This is much more evident in the case of energetic perceptions people make, when the spirits world interacts with the physical reality. I realized that in the years 2006 and 2007, when I had some really eye-openers, that reminded me on earlier descriptions of people that had seen my energetic body. I learned that people with a more christian background obviously see me as an angel and not as a celestial chinese dragon. I am reporting some details on this at the linked section of my website. At my awakening in 2003 I did not remember those incidents, because I was busy coping with the new situation I have to live in from then on.

    It became obvious, how christianized people see me during an incident, when I was outside of my physical body journeying and being seen as a dragon and at the same time as an angel, by various people in this situation. After I realized that both variations actually are attempts to describe what they have seen and thus are both correct, I had an interesting time finding out how to explain this in a convenient way. Finally I found the solution, because the bible itself offered the key to this problem. Within this book which is holy to the christians, there are many dragons around, although most of them hidden. The "fiery (flying) serpents" - usually named as seraphim are many of them. Yes, indeed.

    This confronts me with some new problems. The fact that I am outing myself as an angel of a particular angelic-choir does not exactly make things easier for me and I am awaiting those idiots that need to criticize anything not fitting into their point of view. Looking at my life-style and myself I do not resemble the usual esoteric clichée on angels, that is wide-spread among those light-workers, that are no light-workers.

    In november 2008 I found a book of the popular so-called "angel-specialist" Doreen Virtue, that is describing "earth-angels". Reading this book I realized that we otherkin are already part of the commercial-pull of the esoteric scene. Her book is targeted to the more superficial reader. I had to lough when I read the part where she offers a list of psychological and physical symptoms that should give the reader a guidance to determine whether he is an angel incarnated or not. I consider such a list precarious, because people with real problems can quickly find excuses in it to change absolutely nothing about their situation. The author is offering all easy-to-cope clichées on angels that exist. The list also offers the possibility to experience the Forer-effect: If you want to be an angel - even if you are a human and not an angel - you find enough symptoms and hints in this list, to give you the illusion that you indeed are one. A short time I wanted to write a really harsh letter to the author, because in the english edition of her book, she did some horrible mistakes, regarding dragons. Knowing that this would change absolutely nothing I rather preferred to criticize her a bit here.

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