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Huna - shamanic Psychology

    You certainly have heard or read something on this shamanic system from Hawaii already. Since some years Serge King promoted his own version of huna through his books that sell quite well. His "Urban Shaman" is one of his more wide-spread works I am sure you have heard of or possessing a copy of it. But here I am relating to the thoughts and discoveries of Max Freedom Long who actually discovered this ancient hawaiian lore. He lived back in the 20's of the 20th century and continued the work Dr. William Tuft Brigham started on the secret. Huna is the hawaiian word for secret - and kahunas were the keeper of the secret. Here I describe some general basics of huna, because huna is describing the energetic conditions and relations within your own soul.

    I call huna shamanic psychology - huna deals with the soul of the shaman, how the various (three) parts of it interact with each other in harmony (or not). Huna helps explaining many things that you are often encountering on a daily base. I kept my descriptions short because I only want to offer an overview. For practical applications these brief articles are far from sufficient. In fact, one of the main reasons, why I am writing on huna in the first place is that I can explain certain phenomenons in huna-terminology much better, like the obsession, the otherkin or the MPS.

     Huna-practitioners will realize that I do not elaborate all details and specialities, sometimes consciously omitting them. Here I want to describe just enough that you can get a better rational approach on many shamanic phenomenons and experiences unexplained by most shamanisms, like the so-called "core-shamanism" in which none of these things are mentioned, at all. If you want to delve deeper into the secret I recommmend the books of Max F. Long, Otha Wingo or (only in german language) Henry Krotoschin. If you are already experienced and a longtime practitioner of huna you certainly forgive my brevity in elaboration.

The Paternoster in aramaic language

The Lower Self

The Middle Self

The Higher Self

Huna in traditional angel-magic

The Huna Prayer

On Obsession

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