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Searching and Finding an Eagle Dancer

    If you were directly linked to this Article via such Search-Engines like Google, I encourage you to read first my text on the Condordance so that you know some of the backgrounds of my request here. Additionally I want to point out that my vision does not have anything in common with modern New-Age ideas dealing with 2012. In fact I do not conduct any dance in 2012.

    Slowly I realized the unique nature of my Condordance during the completion of my dancing costume back in 1996 and 1997. My Falconmaster was quite clear on this and was very happy about my efforts, but I myself was more charmed by the beauty and power the wings emanate and had no further interests in what the rest of the world would think about it.

    I do not remember it exactly but it must have been in 1997 or so when I first heard something on an old "prophecy", said to originate from the Q'ero tribe in the Andes. Until today I could not verify this prophecy which I currently think of as a New-Age invention. Some years later I received some informations on it: for me it was an Native American Only thing which states that the Natives of the North are symbolized by the Eagle and the indigenos of the south are symbolized by the Condor. Nothing of my business - I am neither a native of North- nor of South-America.

    In 2008 I had an encounter with some of the more fanatic self-acclaimed "Protectors of native (north) american spirituality" who blaim me for "exploitation" of native spirituality because I am referring to this prophecy and using the name Apu Kuntur, which is a quechua-term for the main spirit of the Condor. My arguments obviously were ignored. So much for their ideals.

    Since I am living with the spirit of the Condor on a daily base in my common life I am learning much on the symbolism humans associated to and the power of the Condor. Especially after I created the dancing costume this relationship is growing deeper and deeper, more intense then I ever had imagined beforehand.

    In 1997 I had the vision of a kind of special dance. I saw myself (as the Condordancer) dancing together with an Eagledancer, manifesting the Eagle and the Condor both at once in the dance. This vision sprang back into my mind in 2004 and I began the search for an Eagledancer. Unfortunately this search is much more difficult then I have expected. Until now I did not find any Eagledancer. Requests on official tribal Websites of America are being ignored, obviously they are thinking I am a "plastic" or something like this simply because I am an European. It seems to be impossible to find one Eagledancer here in Europe, too. So I decided in december 2007 to write this short article - knowing that my website is quite popular and I am fed up with being disappointed. I stopped the active search and rely on the Internet from now on.

    So I am trying to find an Eagledancer in order to manifest this vision I had. So far it should be clear that this Eagledancer has to meet some requirements which I am describing now:

He or She should own a complete eagledance-costume made of feathers of the bald or spotted Eagle. It is not important whether the dancer belongs to a NA-tribe or not because the spirit of the Eagle manifests wherever it wants and is not bound to any culture - the Spirit of the Condor manifests herself here in Bavaria, so it is clearly not necessary being a native at all.

Of course it is not sufficient only to possess this costume. The dancer must be able to manifest or embody the spirit of the Eagle, become the Eagle - i.e. invoke the Eagle - during the dance. This is only possible when the dancer himself is practicing any kind of magical or spiritual practice which encourage this kind of shape-shifting. The trance of an Eagle or a Condor is quite exhaustive, so a good physical condition is necessary for this dance. A dancer should be able to keep up the trance at least fifteen minutes without aching arms afterwards. The dance itself does not have any choreography except that both spirits are dancing during the dance. This is an important difference to the traditional Eagle-dances with a strict choreographic setup.

My vision is to make this dance public - it could be possible that cameras are recording it and an audience of many hundreds is watching the dance live.

    This dance is a spiritual thing and does not belong to any tradition. The manifestation of the spirit of the Eagle and the spirit of the Condor during the dance is a personal vision. When you are reading this text and know an Eagledancer or you are yourself one meeting the requirements, then it would be a great idea when you contact me. Click on Apu Kuntur for contacting me.

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