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Once there was "A Declaration of War"

    Until June 08 here was being displayed the "Declaration of War against Exploitation of Native American Spirituality". I removed it and hereby clarify the reasons of this step. But first I have to point out that I am still thinking that there is much misuse happening and actual exploitation of NA-Spirituality like selling Sweat-Lodges or similar things as being mentioned in this Declaration. More then ever there are Frauds and Plastics around, making much money with "feathers not belonging to them at all" as I coin this notorious habit. I removed this Declaration because I am blamed various things which I am listing here.

    I removed this declaration because I was blamed a fraud in the NAFPS-Board, of which some active members are extremely doubtful. The reasons they thought justifiying rantings against me can be reduced to following topics. The first one: I am being blamed exploiting Native Spirituality by doing a Condor-Dance. This point is disarmed easily: The way and method I conduct this dance does not have any similarities with any american traditional dances at all, neither north nor south american traditions. I clarified this - but the next point quickly was found: I am using the quechua name Apu Kuntur. Well - this second fact cannot be denied. Yes, I am using this name and it was not given by any native to me - I use it because it describes most exactly the nature of the spirit I am aligned with. The name Apu Kuntur is used even as a part of a name of a peruvian and swiss business dealing with clothes made from alpaca-wool. Blaming me for exploitation in this case is totally ridiculous - the Condor-Dance, by the way, is totally free of charge for any visitor, it is a clear no-go for me to make profit out of my calling, this would be a disrespectful action against angel condor. On the contrary: I costs me much time and sometimes money to make those dances on locations or events. If this would be a problem to anyone from South America, I would know this already. What you should keep in mind: If the spirit of the condor would have objections against this - I would not be alive anymore.

    The third flaming against me was induced because I am actually living my vision and I am being an artist, too. I do not make any secret out of my trance-techniques and that it is a deep trance I am inducing during the condordance. Even this disturbes obviously some. I am going to perform somewhere and sometime in the future a condordance with an eagledancer, capable of a similar trance, referring to a prophecy which names the eagle and the condor, which obviously is based on middle-american knowledge. Well, so it is obivous a problem to some idiots that I had this vision and trying to manifest it. Using the idea of these two spirits dancing together is obviously a total exploitation to some people thinking themselves expert in this things. This is totally far off because until today I do not know of any similar dances in any tradition anywhere in both americas.

    Not enough of idiotic flamings against me. The best one was that I am insulted being a racist, because I am against violence done to the Andean Condor. Hey, I thought, then I am fighting a battle that cannot be won. I am on the side of a heavily endangered animal, which is nearly extincted because of the very humans living in South America. Not only that. I am against any violence done to any animal, anywhere on the world, done by anyone. By the ways: The user most loudly insulting around is not even capable of recognizing a real condor-feather. A disqualifying lack of knowledge in this case.

     Still not enough of that pitiful things. The problem is that those peoples who accused me of all this actually are claiming to fight on the same side then I myself. This happened well after I had discouraging encounter with a native here in Europe, which incident in fact did encourage me to be more active in fighting against those frauds and plastics. After all that ramblings against me - which took place in the NAFPS-Board where all those self-acclaimed fraud-hunters are doing their calling - I decided to put down the "Declaration of War". We are living in the present. Before that I was not that interested in those, but now it levels around zero. I was being insulted, blamed and treated without any respect. And this I do not forget.

     So I am warning you, when you are thinking, on this NAFPS-Board are only people that are clear in their mind. In spite of the fact, that they actually find real frauds, their tendency of overreaction is obvious. You can have a look on the discussion I started on my old english-bulletin board. There you can see the whole shit linked and the reactions of other people, which are much more thoughtful.

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