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Runic Gymnastics - An Introduction

    Runic gymnastic - runic yoga, as it is being called occasionally - was being developed by Friedrich Bernhard Marby, during the twenties and thirties of the 20th century. Thus being a modern invention, it has no historic roots. Plagiarists developed this technic further in the thirties to fifties (here to mention: Kummer, Gorsleben, Spießberger). They used the fictive Armanen-futhork of List. During the last years Runic gymnastics is being developed further by various authors.

    In accordance to many authors I can confirm that the runic postures are bioenergetic antennas which receive the various energies, symbolized by the runes. Tests with the pendulum during runic gymnastics showed an expansion and charging of the individual aura as well as an extensive radiation. The posture receive cthonic and celestial energies, thus activate and vitalize body and mind. This energy is also necessary to fullfill magical goals.

    Performing runic gymnastic creates an anchor for the runes in the individual aura and body. Then the runes have the possibility to become organic and find realization and earthening within yourself and your surroundings (if you allow this to happen). Just like in the Asanas of yogic traditions, the runic postures (stöður) have more goals, as mentioned by Edred Thorsson:

  • Control of the body

  • Control of thoughts

  • Control of Breath

  • Control of Emotions

  • Anchoring of the Rune

  • Mastering of the Will

    Runic Gymnastics can be practiced at any location and time you have in mind. However, obviously there are differences between various times, locations and personal preparations when and how you are practicing runic staðas. Runic gymnastics are more powerful outside in the fields or forests then in closed rooms. During the morning-dawn it is more intense then at the evening. Naked it is better then with clothes. Another point of importance is the direction in which you are heading during the practice. Oriented within the geomagnetic field heading north or south (in Australia) or heading west or east, using the inductory orientation. Heading NE, SW, SE, NW generates hybrid experiences. When you are practicing outside, the nature often reacts surprisingly! It makes a difference, whether you are bannishing before and afterwards or not. Consult Thorssons writings regarding proper intro rituals.

    I used a small observance for anchoring the runes in my auric field. For twentyfour days I practiced all twentyfour runic postures (breathing each one twelve times), and each day a different rune was dominant and being studied in as much ways as possible. I created a magical space-time, within which I practiced the runic staðas. After that period the contact with the runes was being established. However, selfdiscipline, condition and endurance are required to get through such observances. The best way is to create an individual schedule, which fits your needs. I am measuring the duration of a staða in breaths, during which I sing the galdr. Average durations are between four and eight breaths. Marby suggests to start runic gymnastics with the position of , which is to be held for fifteen minutes before actually starting to practice other staðas. Until now I don´t know any english translation of Marbys works - so you have to learn german, to read about his discoveries.

    Assume the recommended runic postures and sing the name of the runes in a non-exhaustive way that you can feel your body vibrating - in magic literature it is called vibrating. It could be that you can hear overtones clearer as usual during vibrating. Take this as a good sign. You are visualizing the rune with your
inner eye, as its form is being represented by your body and the energies are flowing through your body. Before practicing a rune it is recommended to know everything on the powers of the rune you want to practice. The flow of energy is different for each rune, a field of research for your sensitivity.

    The mudras are effective only after you have anchored the runes in your own aura and body. They can be made silent and unobtrusive.

    To practice runic movements I recommend basic knowledge in Tai Chi or Qi Gong. The inner centre must be kept up the whole time while moving and visualizing. Otherwise the whole exercise is just moving without knowledge and perhaps dangerous, too. With runic walking you develop an own Tai Chi form with twentyfour important elements, which can be used in unarmed combat, too.

Phenomenons, occuring during runic gymnastics:

  • Cramps, convulsions and spasms are a sign of opening channels. The body regains the ability of free flowing energy. Let them happen, it is healthy.

  • Tingling and the feeling of pins and needles in the extremities or the body is a sign of flowing energies. If it becomes too much, stop the exercise and ground the energies.

  • Shaking is perhaps a sign of a beginning seið-trance (see Jan Fries: Seidhways)

  • Swaying shows that the body is attuning to the energies. Mstr. Amenophis from the Fraternitas Saturni gave the advice to follow the movement and to dance the rune with it.

  • Warm sweat is sign of cleansing processes and heating of the body.

  • Cold sweat is a sign of a circulatory disturbance. Stop immediately.

  • Yawning and belching are mechanisms of removing stagnating Qi. Increased bowel functions serve this ends, too. If these things don´t stop later on, visit a doctor.

    After finishing gymnastics, or after each rune, massage the energies first in the ear-lobes and the ear conch, behind the ears, then in the face and the neck and then in the rest of the body. Concentrate the surplus energies in the Dantien or Hara (see Mantak Chias works on Tao Yoga!).

    The shown postures and Mudras are ideas and impulsees of developing your own approach to the runes. Today I use different postures and Mudras. Everything is in constant movement and development. Otherwise it would be not alive. The galdrs are completely free in useage, that means its up to you, whether you sing "f f f f f f f" or "ffffeeeehhuuuu" or something else for the rune fehu (for example). If you have own ones - use them!

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