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The Third Eye - the Second Face or the Inner Eye

    The third eye is a tool abused in esotericism almost without end. Some time ago I made an experiment. In my bulletin-board I asked what people see when they look in the sky with their third eye open. Many adventurous answers were given. Most of them were more influenced by romanticizing thoughts than by what can really be seen. Some descriptions resembled wild fantasies, detached writings that were lacking any real experience. Only one person described approximately what can really be seen.

    When I taught myself how to open the third eye properly, there was only one sentence that stuck to my mind as the most exact description of my efforts: "Pretend that the third eye is open until it really is." — So I started trying this mind-game at every possible opportunity. Sometimes I was able to get feedback which confirmed what I saw. At some point the quality of the exercise changed and I suddenly started to really open the third eye.

    The difference was that from one instant to the other I experienced a sort of overlap of senses. The everyday normal optical impressions were overlapped by a sort of internal impression, that was not provided by the two optical receptor-systems. It was added by an internal sense. This makes me see a lot of things, which apparently cannot be seen by a lot of people. Even while driving the car it is for example easy for me to find ancient power places: they radiate a pillar of energy straight upwards. Other things, like leylines, with a real energy flow, I see just as quickly. The sky is of a completely different colour and the whole scenery is bathed in a weird light, during night and day. I compare it to a laserlight, but it is much more subtle and seems to come from every place. This light looks the same during days and nights. The vital force streams of living beings are visible as well, which leads to a very bright and confusing environment, if I allow this perception in a forest. Up to date, all the tests I made to orientate myself without any optical impulses failed. Trying this, all sensory channels opened up automatically and I only partly managed to limitate my perception to the threedimensional world.

    It is possible to tune the third eye to different energetic levels like a radio receptor. The level closest to the physical level shows a greyish and monotonous world, without colours, slightly glowing. If I open up to it, some fluorescent appearances emerge only rarely. A member of the forum described this layer, which is closest to us, in the earlier mentioned poll. Until now, nothing special caught my attention in this level of perception. I also call it the "etheral level". In the subsequent layer I immediately perceive vital force. I mentioned it in the last paragraph. This level of perception is also called the "astral level" because human beings perceive the light which is omnipresent there as similar to the light of stars. For my perception this is the most regular layer. The subsequent layers are the emotional oscillation level, the mental level, then the conceptual level, the world of ideas and eventually the so-called "level of the spirit".

    When I look at a highway on the level of ideas, I see the idea of a route of transportation in a three-dimensional way: a lot of colourful strings, outside the axis of time, embodying the ideas which are connected to the highway. What an idea of a living being looks like is hard to describe, because the idea contains all possible variations. The high energy layers are rarely of practical use. It is much more useful to teach yourself how to see infrared or ultraviolett radiation, or to perceive x-ray or radioactive radiation. On the other hand it is not recommended to put yourself a chunk of uranium on your table or to enter a nuclear reactor in order to practice.

    Finally you could expand this exercise to the acoustic sense. You can also activate a third ear. Thus you could for example, if the optical sense doesn't seem appropriate, use it to listen to radio waves. As far as I know there are some people out there, that activated this sense by accident or spontaneously. I myself use this inner ear only rarely, trying to perceive ultra- and infrasound frequencies. I do not really succeed. Once I managed to "hear" bats with the inner ear. I have no knowledge though about the obligation to pay broadcast fees for a such an ear.

    The most important thing with all these exercises is to maintain an attitude of "neither-neither". Unfortunately - because as soon as I wanted to know something at all costs or there was a test coming up, I mostly failed. This shows me, that I'm not close to having developped the discipline needed to simply activate these senses without wish and attachment inspite of such external circumstances. But so many times I experienced impressive consistencies with real situations, that it is no matter of discussion to me whether these senses are only imagination. It is just difficult as hell to make use of them as we like. Thus I can only advise you to try it yourself in order to make your own experiences. I intentionally refrained from describing details that can be perceived with an open third eye: it would be too easy for the regular free-riders to claim their third eye is open, even though they didn't really know it or use it until reading this chapter. The most valuable thing is still the experience. Have fun practicing!

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