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The Bioregionalism-Quiz

    In this test your awareness of your environment you are living in is being set on trial. The questions check up the knowledge of ecologic and environmental datas which are of certain interest to shamanic practitioners. People seeking their roots are invited to check their advancement in this test.

The bioregionalistic test

Describe the way your drinking water goes from its point of origin to your faucet.

How many days until fullmoon? (errors of up to two days allowed)

The place you are living - What type of natural ground is there?

The last precipitation rate of your region?

When was the last great fire in your region?

What kind of food was usually consumed by the ancient cultures in your region?

Name five local herbs and the best time when they can be gathered.

From which direction the storms come during winter in your region?

Where is your garbage deposition?

How long is the tillage and the harvest period in your region?

On which day in the year the shadows are shortest in your region?

When is the rut of deer and when are the fawns born?

Name five kind of bushes in your region! Are they native to your region?

Name five birds which stay the whole year and five migrant birds of your region!

Do you know the history of utilization of your countryside?

Which ecologic processes were primarily influencing your region?

Which species of your region are already extinct?

Which types of plants are prevalent in your region?

You are sitting and reading this text now, point to the north!

Which springflower is among the first to bloom in your region?


0-3: You are absolutely blind.

4-7: Its difficult to be at two places at once not knowing where you are belonging to in the first place.

8-12: You have a good perception.

13-16: You are aware of your surroundings.

17-19: You know where you belong to.

20: You not only know where you belong to, you are a master checker.

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