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The Ecstatic Flight of the Soul

    Within the animal kingdom there are various highly different developed individual souls spread among the species. The more one kind of animal is individual then swarm-like the more this individual soul is developed. "Lone wolves" are more independent then one individual fish within a school or an individual birds within its flock. The primary characteristics of an individual animal is provided by the "blueprint" or animal-king of its kind and as a secondary influence the differences between each individual of a species. A shaman actually establish contact in gestalt of his power-animal not to one individual soul of one animal, but to the overall blueprint, the higher-self, of the whole species. Thus, when dealing with the power-animal, respectful behaviour should be mandatory.

    Migratory bird-flocks on the other hand possess a very stron collective-soul, which you can easily perceive when you watch one of those big flocks flying around. The single bird is being merged into the big flock and becomes part of it. Such a flock is quite longliving. Individual birds may die occasionally, but there are new ones born to replace the deceased ones, thus ensuring the further existence of the flock itself. Having a look on the big picture on Earth we can figure out that this kind of sustainment is actually taking place within all species and the human one, too. A species is dying out when external influences are taking their toll or other infleunces take place. I think, an explanation of this kind of behaviour is the phenomenon I am calling the special obsession of each species.

The law of sequential incarnations:
Souls incarnate according to their special obsession..

    Any obsession of a species of animals does articulate itself in behaviour, appearance, specialising and living room. The analogy to humankind is obvious. Thus one species is remaining nearly unchanged over a large timespan in its evolutionary history because it does not have the inclination strong enough to change. As long as this tendency is weak it does not become material. These plateaus of evolution are well known in biology as well as phases of higher activity and more alterations. This desire or wish of change is also influenced by external factors like the availability of food, natural enemies, ecological influences and many more. The internal factors that can have such influence are the age of the animals blueprint itself and its pure will. Well-known examples of being free of any desires in this directions are living fossiles. Depending on the overall age of the animals blueprint or animal king itself the common lifespan of the individual animal longer or shorter. Elephants, turtles, aras or vultures possess a real old animal soul and thus becoming individually much older then mice, deers or wolves. However, this rule also has its exceptions - as always.

    Spirits of nature can be grouped according to their strength or grade of speciality. There are plant spirits, fountain spirits, stone spirits, tree spirits and many other kinds of spirits around. Whether spirits have a similar evolutionary development then their material conterparts or not is unknown. I tend to the oppinion that they are developing over time, but in a continuum where no time exists, that whole idea is nonsense. Spirits are mythical beings that you can see during a shamanic journey, for example. The "smallest" spirits live in individual animals, plants or minerals. Clearings, small ponds, groups of trees, places of power etc. are one level higher and bundle many of these indivdual spirits together. Spirits of the same level of complexity are frequently connected (entangled?) with each other. This observation I usually make in power locations or at ancient celtic sides (in german we call them Keltenschanzen). The next group of spirits are small forests, hills, mountains or valleys. Those spirits usually strongly influence their surroundings. Usually they have strict limits but in other places they are overlapping each other. Big forests, rivers and high mountains have stronger spirits. Bigger then those are landscapes or mountain-ranges. Levels between the landscapes and the whole earth could be: countries, small continents, continents, oceans, isles, regions and hemispheres.

Everything is Nothing
Nothing is true
Everything is allowed
It is possible that there are no absolute truths.

    I remained on charted and more or less easy to comprehend territories until now. This is going to change a bit when I now begin to think on the general nature of the universe you can perceive.

    Beginning this line of thought I have to pay some attention to the question whether the positive or the negative point of view is better suited as a base line of further ideas. The negative line of thought denies the existence of the whole universe and all what we perceive. It is being considered as maya or illusionary. Because any perception you make is subjective the supposed objective universe is splitting and breaking up into many subjective and individual universes, which prooves the basic illusionary nature of the universe.

    The opposite point of view is the affirmative one that is accepting the fact that everything - really everything - is real and in existence and not illusionary. Everyting you can think of is existing - the only question is where? Regardless which oppinion you have, what counts in is the actual magical and shamanic practice and experience. The positive approach render the greatness of the magical interpretation of the universe prominent. The negative approach uses the very same magical interpretation as a base for any action you do. The magical philosophy reveals its true and unheard-of grandeur when you realize that you can create whole new realities and manipulate them. Hermes Trismegistos once wrote: "That, which is below corresponds with that which is above, and that which is above corresponds to that which is below to perform the operation of the magic of One." - he reminds us on the true alchemy of the inner transformation and the changes of the subjective and objective perceivable universe due to that kind of transformations. The time itself is one of the most changing and transitory parts in this magical game. As long as you define the existence only within physical and tangible parameters it can be experienced as different in length and intensity. One second can subjectively last very long and a year can pass by in high velocity, like it was not there. It is noteworthy that the spirit is not bond to this illusionary linear kind of nature of physical evolution. The spirit can travel into the past or future and visit other worlds that must remain closed to the physical reach.

    When death is taking place and the spirit is separating permanently from its former body, the laws of perception in the spirits world should be known, at least some of them. Time as such is perceived differently then during lifetime. Your spirit can travel to all times and is no longer subject to those restrictive laws of physics that apply to the physical body. The timeless simultaneousness of the spirit's world is difficult to grasp with normal logical thinking. Within that simultaneousness the spirits exist. You can get a small glimpse of this timeless simultaneousness during shamanic journeying, when time in the physical world is not that important anymore. Because of the total different nature of time in the spirit's world it is wrong to speak of re-incarnation. All your incarnations you have are all simultaneous in the spirit's world. This throws a new light on Sheldrake's morphic resonance and his morphogenetic fields.

    Within shamanism and magic you are walking a rather quick and dangerous path to self-knowledge. You learn to recognize the inner laws of the universe you live in and also you are learning much about your own inner self and its correlation to the universe itself. Note, that those mentioned laws I am referring to are not the laws of physics but the laws that are valid in your personal, individual magical universe. I refer to Popper's World 1 and World 2.

     Wishes, obsessions and other psychical quirks and specialities have a strong influence on your subjective universe. All those subjective universes have some variations in their systematic laws they are functioning. As soon as you as a shaman know your universe inside out in its laws you are able to extrapolate this knowledge on other universes. Of course your spirits are helping you in those things. During a shamanic session the shaman changes the universe of the client with his actions. In these sessions the inner knowledge of certitude is of high importance. Without this knowledge and wisdom the laws can be understood and applied only in rudimentary ways. As soon as the shaman or magician knows his own true will nothing is standing in his way anymore. But this knowledge does not ring a bell in you like "Oh yes! Now I know it!". It rather sneaks in through the backdoor, taking a long time to get into your conscious life. It is more like a feeling that you are doing just the right thing at the right time. After this knowledge is being realized it is a matter-of-course to live your life according to your true will. Otherwise you are not centered in yourself anymore. Of course this can be applied to non-shamans, too. As long as you follow your inner true will intuitively, you remain calm and centered. In the modern esoteric scene this easy things are exaggerated much and money also plays a part in there ...

The Ecstatic Flight of the Soul after the mortal-syncope

    We can get a better grip on the ecstatic flight of the soul now. According to the things I stated above, the following things can be said about it: The great religious believing systems are right in their own, particular way, in stating that it is the goal of the soul to be one with the divine. This becoming one with the divine does take place with your transcendental ID, the total self, that experiences all your incarnations at once, within the timeless simultaneousness. God is beind identified with the total self - therefore you can speak of a kind of transcendental solipsism here.

    What's going on, when you have contacts with deceased persons, now without a body? Are they contradicting the consequences? Well. The anatomy of the soul in all cultures states that your soul is having some parts. The phenomen of life implies a kind of cooperative relationship of all parts of the soul and organic parts of your body. As long as this cooperation is working, the organism is alive. Even when some parts fail to work, which does not automatically mean a life-threatening situation. Death is taking its toll when the biological mechanism fail utterly in their functions and the soul separates from the failing body. At the moment of death the link between body and soul is cut permanently. The soul then splits up into its parts - of which we do not know exactly, how many are around. The magical or shamanic path of self-enlightment makes it possible to keep up the coherent structure of the soul after death. Undeveloped individual universes disperse shortly after death. They incarnate quickly in similar organisms. Further developed ones can keep up their coherent structures for awhile, maybe some hours, days or weeks (according to our common time-senses). Masters of this art can keep this up forever and can decide consciously whether to incarnate or not and in the affirmative case where and when. They established the contact to their higher self or their total self.

It is possible that there are no absolute truths!

This text is a more "historical" one - I wrote it many years ago when I did not have the insights I have today. Nowadays I would have written the whole thing total different. I keep it, in spite of this, because of nostalgic reasons.

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