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Alexejev Gavriil. Isle of Tojon-Aryy, January, 12th. 1925

    Three years the shaman Pjotr (called Taappyn-Uola) suffered from mental diseases before he achieved the abilities of a shaman. He was 25 years old and lives in our Nasleg. After attacks of frantic singing he slipped back into states of unemotioness and apathy towards his surroundings. He had even to be tied sometimes. He told that he was undergoing a shamanic dissection. His main spirit is a late Nemüginian shaman. Pjotr said he would be related with him through his female bloodline. His mother or grandmother or greatgrandmother descended from the lineage of this shaman. "Therefore he possessed me, indeed", Pjotr concluded.

    He became shaman without any consecration of another shaman. No shaman living in our country would have had the power to consecrate him. His soul - I am quoting his very own words - was being raised in the lower world at the twelveth level of twigs of the shamanic fir. He tells us therewithal that his spiritual tiermutter came to the middle world and dissected his body.

    From father's or grandfather's lineage no shamans are known. Only the uncle of the maternal lineage, the spirit of the mentiones nemüginian shaman, showed sentimentality and went into him. Mentioned Pjotr says that wolf and bear are his shamanic spirits.

    The son of Semen Töttö which is himself a shaman, was being caught by absence of mind for three years. His state of consciousness appeared to be stunned and he suffered much during that time. A bertünian shaman (local name of the second maldschegarian nasleg), the brother of the legendary shaman "Tscharaptschylaach" came by and went into the shaman.  The spirit of the long-dead shaman came down and entered him. This shaman was Töttö's uncle on the mother's side.

    Pavel, from our Nasleg as well, became a shaman five or six years ago. Now he is aging thirty. The powerful spirit of a bertünian shaman came upon him, because he didn't find anyone capable of bearing the shamanic gifts in his own bloodline. He came down from heaven directly without any relationship. During seven days Pavel became a shaman. He experienced the shamanic dissection and lied down at home. During the time of his disease a special person attained for his urgent needs.

    Iwan, the son of Grigorij, became ill at the age of 25 and was forced to sing by various spirits for two years. During the calm periods he was withdrawn from normal activities. He said that the spirit of the uncle of his mother came upon him, the spirit of a late shaman from the charyjalaachian nasleg (name of the third maldschegarian nasleg). - According to his narrations, "evil spirits are invisible, only emitting a bad smell. If you let them into your body, they enter it and the body swells."

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