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Advanced Techniques of applied Shamanhood: The shamanic Session

    The more experienced reader used to shamanic journeys and having already established a good relation to his allies, can find in this section valuable and interesting hints for the practical applications and improvement of understanding shamanic lines of thought. Beginners are not target of this articles, however it is never a bad idea to read through them anyway. If you are only interested in shamanism in general or have just begun with the practice I recommend that you first get more experienced. You also should have mastered relevant technical aspects that I have collected in the section of practice.

    In the unlikely case that you are interested in my great and abundand abilities as teacher of these techniques I direct you to my workshops. In short: I do not teach in other languages then my own. So you should change your mind and find someone different in your vicinity. Currently I am preparing an english edition of my recently published german book on contemporary shamanhood, wherein I collected all articles of my website that deal with shamanic practice or the twilight (the non-ordinary reality). A little bit earlier I am going to publish the english version of the PDF, which has some other contents then the book. So you have to wait some time until your request can be met.

    Here in this section about advanced ideas and techniques of applied shamanhood I introduce you to one very important shamanic tool, the shamanic garb. The shamanic headdress is prominent in this article. The article on divination techniques reflects on how you should create questions for, and meet the difficulties of an oracle and what an oracle is all about.

    One very essential part of shamanism and lived shamanhood is the shamanic session. What is important in one such session, what can happen there and other details on it I am explaining here. Basic informations on how to conduct a shamanic session start this little sequel that is continued by the shamanic technique of extraction. Some informations on soul-loss that is rather common in western-styled societies you can read in another article.

    The death and the dying process, which are part of our life and main topics for shamanic oriented and spiritual people, have to be treated here, too, of course. However, my point of view is quite different to the opinion of the established church instances and of positivistic science. Our ancestors are related to us and thematically linked to the things happening in the time after life. Because they are important for shamanic practice I offer some thoughts on them, too. The last article is reflecting on the correct application and some backgrounds on offerings and sacrifices in shamanism.

    As in each section I want you to notice: You should not practice the described methods, techniques and ideas when you are mentally of physically ill. You should have an intact psyche and a good physical health when practicing anything I describe here in detail. I do not take responsibilities for results or consequences that may manifest or not manifest when single individuals or groups try to conduct any of the techniques or methods described anywhere on my website! I consider it vital and quite important that you learn or practice these things under a skilled and competent teacher.

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