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The practice of Shamanhood

    Here you find essential information about the more practical aspects of shamanhood like the trance-states and how they are induced, the shamanic ecstatic journey, the internal and external tools of the art. The articles introduced here are intended rather to offer hints for the practise to the beginner.

    In the unlikely case that you are interested in my great and abundand abilities as teacher of these techniques I direct you to my workshops. In short: I do not teach in other languages then my own. So you should change your mind and find someone different in your vicinity. Currently I am preparing an english edition of my recently published german book on contemporary shamanhood, wherein I collected all articles of my website that deal with shamanic practice or the twilight (the non-ordinary reality). A little bit earlier I am going to publish the english version of the PDF, which has some other contents then the book. So you have to wait some time until your request can be met.

    You can find informations about different methods to induce trance-states of various kinds. The shamanic flight of the soul - the "shamanic journey" - is essential for the practice of shamanhood, so it surely has found its place in this section. If you are searching for some free drum sequences that you want to load on your MP3 player, you will find some in this article - because I have taped two different drum-tapes. The power-animals own in the new, european form of shamanisms often an important role, hence, it is obvious to find something about them here, too. Also what you can do with this ally I describe.

    Beside the poweranimal there is an amount of other spirits and beings in the twilight whom you can meet, also. Especially I write about spirits in the nature and modern spirits. Both texts are a subjective overview of the spirits who maybe of interest in shamanic context. You find some geomantic considerations there, too. Geomancy and spirits are connected now and then, thus I included some informations on geomancy, specialized on the main topics of the articles, of course.

    Internal and external tools of the trade are also found here, of course. You can read an article on your will as an internal tools and how you can win more willpower. Another article deals with banishing, which is one of the most prominent tools and techniques used in nearly all circumstances and situations - thus I included it here. In this area of the more internal tools I list also the voice we always have at disposal. There I have also added a few sound examples for you which illustrate a few styles of the siberian style of overtone-singing. This area is rounded up by a general consideration about the contact and useage with material utensils of the art.

    As in each section I want you to notice: You should not practice the described methods, techniques and ideas when you are mentally of physically ill. You should have an intact psyche and a good physical health when practicing anything I describe here in detail. I do not take responsibilities for results or consequences that may manifest or not manifest when single individuals or groups try to conduct any of the techniques or methods described anywhere on my website! I consider it vital and quite important that you learn or practice these things under a skilled and competent teacher.

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