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Michail Innokentjevitsch Borisov and Vasilij Jegorovitsch Borisov, March the 7th., 1925

    In old times a shaman with the name Abaasy-Ojun was born in our Kangalasic Nasleg, in that part which now has built the special Nasleg of Ätschik-Changalas. His mortal remainings are at the glade Tomtor. About his birth following story is being told:

    After he was born father and mother saw that the his eyes were positioned strangely. One was at the middle of his forehead and the other was being considerable lower situated. His parents were shocked on the strange, alienating appearance of their child. They wrapped him in the fresh skin of a black cow and put it in the manger of the empty stable of their winter-residence and moved on to their summer-residence.

    After some time the mother walked past the stable and heard the child crying. She looked inside and saw here son living and roling his eyes. Animal SpiritThe woman ran to her husband and told him about this. But he disbelieved her story and came with her to have a personal look after the stable. They found the child already sitting. The mother wanted to take it with her but the husband objected: "Without any doubt this is an evil spirit. If he would be human, how did he survive so long?"

    Again time passed by. The mother looked a second time into the stable. The child sat on the ground and cried. She decided to take the child with her, inspite of the resistance of her husband.

    As soon as the child grew up and began to talk he showed shamanistic interests. He became a great shaman later on. He never used to shamanize whole nights, as the other shamans do. He sang three times, hit his drum three times and was ready.

    Once he was begged to shamanize against the female calf-spirit, which brings death and disease to the young lifestock. He refused and said: "She is my foster-mother. Thus I can only asking her for a favour." Then he entered the stable without any shamanic rite and mumbled something between his lips. He said after leaving the stable: "My mother is inclined to my proposal." After that the dying of the calfs stopped. When he said: "My mother was upset, railed and threw me out" then the calf died many years.

    According to the tradition he died at the Chotsinic Ulus. Before he travelled to this place, he told his son his testamentary will: "When I am finally ill, then I will send a man to you which tell you about my state of health.Bird Spirit Prepare the place Tomtor for me and dig a grave for me! But don't take any effort to get my remainings. I will come myself."

    After he died in Chotschinzy the people saw the shaman at two places, flying through the air and riding the "injä-mas" - a hollow trunk, functioning as coffin. He beated his drum dryly and dump. He fell in the prepared grave and his son filled it with earth.

    Facing his death this shaman told his son: "Your son will father a great and strong shaman." Until today no great shaman appeared again in our vicinity.

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