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Nikolaj Ustinovitsch Pavlov, Dschobulga. January 16th, 1925.

    In old times, when the smallpox raged here among us, the Charjalachic shaman Batyjalaach fought with the disease and was victorious. The pocks promised to disappear from the isle of Charyjalach. Later on the shaman died.

    A considerable time thereafter a shaman with the name Küstäch lived among us. He lived on the same isle Charyjalach. During his lifetime another smallpox epidemia raged. The people spoke to Küstäch: "Shamanize and call upon the soul of our late shaman Batyjalaach: His old enemy, the smallpox, is approaching again!"

    The people were drunken when the conversation took place. The shaman replied: "Why not! I can call him in. If you are calling him at Kyryy-Chaan, he will come. That's for sure."

    Then he began to shamanize. He cried, he roared and called the spirit Batyjalaach.

    The spirit of the shaman went into the shamanizing shaman and replied: "Exactly in seven days all my descendants shall gather at the location called Bulgunnjach. They shall enlighten a stake, slaughter a young horse and the heart and liver of it shall be stuck onto a large pole. At this time I will appear and protect my descendants."

    But the people attaining the seance were drunken heavily. No one of them heard the words and the requests of the shaman. They could barely walk and didn't follow him. Thus they haven't realized what the higher shamanic spirit demanded. The fixed day was near but no one prepared the welcome of the shamanic spirit. No one looked after the young stallion or gathered at the described location. Therefore the shaman which called the spirit in, was frightened. He hid himself in a cellar of another house and tried to avoid the anger of the spirit.

    Then the seventh day began and the hour came nearer in which the spirit Batyjalaach promised to come down in lightning and thunder.

    At this time suddenly a dark cloud emerged from the high and steel Labydscha wall of rocks at the right bank of the river Lena. It looked like a spread fur of an bear with claws and head. It hang over the aforementioned place. Terrifying thunder and lightnings could be heard and seen. Heavy hail and reign fell. The hail-corns were extremely big and hurt the people bad. The lightning stroke exactly on the peak of the Kurgan, where the spirit promised to appear. The women nearly passed out in panic.

    After these events Küstäch spoke to the spirit again in a special seance: "O Lord, my grandfather. I am not guilty for this. I did not fall into sin. These idiots with their drunken heads haven´t believed my words and prepared nothing to welcome you!"

    Küstäch himself lived until he was very old. The smallpox raged on the isle and killed the best. If the spirit of the shaman Batyjalaach would have been welcomed properly and if he would have protected them, then the smallpox wouldn't have raged on the isle.

    Küstäch said, after he told me this story: "This are the people of Charyjalach. Because they haven't believed the words of the shaman,  they had to suffer much."

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