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Siberian Shamanhood



Pjotr Danilov, Isle Tiit-Aryy. January, 30th. 1925

    In the bertünian regions a man stated he have to become a shaman, soon. This was two years ago. He ordered that at a glade in the woodsa small cottage should be built. The cottage was built near the biggest larch where many shamanic utensils were kept stored after shamanic seances. Young and unmarried boys had to build the cottage with raw trunks. This man had the name Michail Savvitsch Nikitin and he aged around fourty years.

    He moved into this hut and lay there for three days. He said: "I am laying here quite as dead and am cutted by the spirits. At the third day I must resurrect." For this third day he ordered that the shaman Bötschükka, the son of Taappyn, should be brought to his place that he could direct the rites of "Resurrection of the body" and "Teaching and Consecration" over him. It is said that Michail was accompanied by a man with the name Dimitrij, called Saba-Üktüür, which helped him during the three days.

    The called shaman arrived and many people gathered together at the cottage to watch the execution of the aforementioned rites. I was there, too. The shaman had his drum with him and the candidate wore the shamanic costume. I witnessed the consecrating shaman saying after conjurations and a short prayer to the spirits, whose help he wanted:

    "Now it is the midst of summer. After the needles and leaves of the trees had already grown a consecration of a shaman must not be directed. The best time is at spring or autumn!" so he said and interrupted the ceremony.

    The aforementioned shaman is shamanizing incompletely until today. He executes only the introductory invocation and takes only minor spirits of unimportant diseases. (He is practicing without the permission of the shamanic spirits. A bannisher of minor demons which isn´t familiar with most conjurations and shamanic rituals. A shamanic apprentice without master degree. G.K.)

Nikolaj Pavlov, Isle of Tojon-Aryy. Börtö. January, 16th. 1925

    Here lives a man with the name Michail Nikitin, which is in the midst of the time of apprenticeship of shamanhood. Two years ago this man built a cottage at a place called Saasyyr-Alaas somewhere in the empty taiga. He took a hysterical individual with him, a man with the name Saba-Uktüür-Miitää. He should prepare his meals. As he laid there in his hut he called upon the shaman Taappyn-Uola.

    I went to the place to watch the things happening there: The candidate already has come out from the hut and sat together with the old shaman in front of the big larch, where the shamanic requisites for sacrifices are kept: Bones of animals, the shamanic table etc. The cottage was built nearby the larch and was surrounded by a small fence. As Michail prepared to become a shaman, he asked his relatives to built these things. They did, indeed.

    Both shamans sat within the fence facing the larch. The new shaman wore the shamanic costume and both sang like shamans do usually. We spectators remained outside the fence. The old shaman sang in sitting position, the new started to sing, too. But he was really nervous. It was happening around the day of St. Peter.

    Suddenly Taappyn-Uola the shaman said: "Obviously we cannot rise high above because the needles and the leaves have already sprouted. The autumn is the best time for it, when the earth starts to freeze." Now this man have given up the idea of becoming a shaman.

Platon Pavlov, the brother of the previous.

    Once I heard the mentioned Michail utter following words: "My time of becoming a shaman has yet to come. My soul is being raised down in the lower world at the root at the well of the nine lineages of evil spirits. Not before three years has passed I can become a shaman."

    Further goes his telling: "When I laid under a tree in the forest I could understand the language of the trees and grasses. They talkes of the forthcoming death of man ... After I have leaved the cottage near the tree the voices stopped."

     According to the stories of the old people the spirits are raising the soul of the shaman at the well of the nine lineages of evil spirits. The spirits ask their pupils: "Haven´t you become flying young birds, haven´t grown wings on your back and are you not covered with plumes?"

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