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Innokentij Danilov, Dschobulga. Isle of Tojon Aryy. January 17th., 1925

    In old times a girl lived in Mytachzy which was one of the most beautiful among her friends. She was well aware of her appearance and remained unmarried for a long time. Once she went out at the morning to seek a herd of mares.

    There she met a man which she never have seen before. He rode straight from the east on a snowy white horse without marks. The man circled with his horse slowly around the girl.
"Where are you going?"
"I am here to drive my mares home."
"Your mares are not far away. Here they are!"
He dismounted and said to her: "Let's have a talk. Are you married?"
The girl replied: "No, I am living alone. But, why are you asking?"
"Well, I am unmarried, too. Would you want to be my wife?"
"I have to ask my mother and my father first. But, when we both agree on this,- why not?"

    Founded on mutual interest they met in love. Thereafter the man asked: "Obviously you think I am a person from your neighbourhood and thus yielded yourself to me very quick. What do you think? Who am I? Do you know me?"
"No, I don't know you. But you told me that we are going to marry!"
"No, I will return home now. I dismounted only because of yourself. I am the firstborn son of Chara-Suorun the king of the upper world. You have received two sons now. Their destiny is to know neither death nor disease for a preset time. You are giving birth to them after ten completely moons before the twelveth raises. - I know you are keeping a colored hide from a horse. On this hide you must lay during the delivery. Then there is a rivulet in a place of which I will tell you its name. At the other bank, at the feet of the hill you will see a place with a sea. There a thrice forked tree is growing, a larch. Try to get there upon delivery. Two little birds will be born to you, two black young ravens. After the birth these ravens will cry and fly to the larch, mounting the lower boughs. Then circle the tree three times and hit the tree with your knickers three times.Eagle The young ravens will fall down unto the hide you spread under the tree. Wrap them into the hide and tape them with a rope made of colored hairs. Put them leftside into your Jurte on the lower part of the alongside bowl. Three days later they will cry like children do usually. Both will transform into childs of male gender. The older shall be named Dschaanaj-Bytschykyj, the younger Jeksökülääch-Örgön. After reaching the age of 40 the younger will become a shaman, the older one after 41 years. Jeksökülääch-Örgön will be able to levitate a large haystack measuring 10 fathom by his magic powers. Dschaanaj-Bytschykyj however will be able to levitate a female elk with her offspring through the air." After this speech the spirit from the upper world suddenly disappeared.

    Near Bagaradzy where nowadays the settlement Duchoborzen can be found jakuts from the mountain Nasleg of Mytach are living. There the two shamans were born. They were born just as their father, the spirit from the upper world, predicted.

    Once the two shamanic brothers tried to escape the smallpox from the south and fled into the mountain ranges. They moved with their cattle and prepared for resting near Kymyrdagastaach Alaas, to the west of the city Jakutsk. A red spotted mare was missing in their herd. Dschaanaj asked his brother: "Brother, our mare has gone. Ride away and bring her back!"

    The brother mounted his horse and rode away. He arrived at the place they were camping the last day and found the mare licking the ashes of the extincted camp fire. He approached the mare and hit her on her back with an osier twig. The mare instantly changed into a bull with a special mark on its forehead. The bull thrusted its horns into the body of Dschaanaj and threw him down on his back. Dschaanaj replaced his gushing guts into his body, spat into his hands, healed his wound and rode back to his brother. He said: "Look there, how the witch of the smallpox hurt me badly without warning me!" So he has spoken he fell from his horse and died. The older brother cried out loudly: "Oh sorrow! How she wrecked my beloved brother!" He rolled around on the ground and transformed into a blue spotted bull with horns measuring more than five Werschock. Then he bellowed and furied away.

    At first he talked with the smallpox-spirit about the location where the fight was going to take place. There exists a location at the Ytyk-Chaaj, "at the holy mountain range", which is called Bysagas. There they fought and hit each other. The shamanic bull was victorious. He thrusted his horns behind the shoulder-blade at the forefoot of the smallpox-bull and squeezed out its lungs. Then the spirit of the smallpox gave the promise, enforced and sealed with blood: "I shall never appear to the descendants of your bloodline! Your whole Nasleg shall live without knowing diseases and pain for nine generations!"

    Nowadays the clan of Dschaanaj is doing very well. The smallpox are raging in the neighbourhood but sparing them. Dschaanaj is now the name of the clan of Strutschkov. This clan produced fourtyfour shamans in the course of the time.

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