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Pavlov Platon - Börtö

    Each shaman possesses an animal of origin or a tiermutter. Often it is imagined as an elk and sometimes as a bear. These animals live for themselves, separated from the shaman. It seems to be the power of the shamanic vision that hurries over the earth (This animal is the embodiment of the shamans gift of seeing the past and future events. G.K.). The tiermutter appears at the moment of the shamans death.

    It is said that each shaman owns a crossbow which he uses as a self-shooting trap against his enemies. The wife of the shaman is the trigger (Obviously the soul of the shamans wife is being meant and the dependency of her life from this mystical bow. G.K.). The Elk SpiritThe children of the shaman are the pegs between which the triggering ropes are stretched. If the arrow of this bow misses its target, the opposing shaman in the gestalt of his tiermutter, whose foot triggered the trap, the wife and the children of the shaman must die.

    The spirit of a greater shaman - which is physically and spiritually greater - ignores the triggering ropes and passes over them easily. A lesser shaman passes under the ropes without triggering them. (the jakutians belief that the souls of the shamans hunt each other. In former times these hunting souls were imagined as their tiermütter. Nowadays only in remote areas far away from modern influences these legends survived. These fights are happening without the knowledge of the shamans but the results are effecting the shamans state of health. When a tiermutter is lethally wound the shaman cannot survive and has to die, as well. G.K.)

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