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Siberian Shamanhood



Nikifor Danilov, January 6th. 1925

    The spirits take the soul of a man which is going to become a shaman down to the lower world. There is a special house where these abducted souls are being kept. The soul of a great shaman remains there for three years, of a lesser shaman it remains only for one year. During this time the human looses his mind and sings without consciousness as long as his soul is being captured away. In his dreams he enters the mentiones house.

    These evil spirits (abaasylar) are the well of creation of shamans, as well. The mentioned house belongs to them and there they educate and raise the soul of the man. After a certain time which is determined after the talents of the shaman, they have to dismember the body and cut it into pieces.

    The dismemberment starts with the head, which is severed and put onto the upper board of the jurt. It is said that this head witnesses with his own eyes how his body is slashed into bits. The whole body of the shaman is dismembered and distributed among all the threetimes nine üör (souls of common men, causing diseases). The body of the best shaman will last for all spirits. Then the shaman knows all ways and paths of the spirits which cause diseases and can help curing every known disease. If his body does not last for all the spirits he won't be able to heal these diseases of the spirits without a share on the body.

    During the dismemberment the future shaman lays at home and is very sick. He cannot live and cannot die during that time. It is said that after slashing and distributing the flesh of the shaman they are furnishing the bones with fresh, new flesh and put the old head back on its place.

Put down in jakutian language, according to the narration of Nikifor Danilov, by Semen Danilov.

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