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albys uktug khamnar - the shamans who descendet from a witch

    albys can not only be translated as witch, but also as mermaid and spirits in general. It is said that the spirits of witches are descendet from a non-human clan or descendet from the clan of the albys. This kind of spirits live in sandy places. They appear totally normal from the front but if you look at their back you realize that they are something different then man: you can see their guts from behind, some are hollow. Further characteristics are: harelips or a scored lower lip. It is also said that an albys has no nose at all. Sometimes they can change their gender as it is required. G.K. Potanin is of the opinion that these witch-shamans are the most respected among all shamans. Well, M.K. Lopsan objects by pointing to legends that state these shamans are without descendance. Nonetheless the witch-shamans are highly regarded. They can heal sleeplessness, madness and mental illness. The albys-shamans heal in daylight. The seasons when they are strongest are spring and autumn.

Conversation with Bair Alexej, Kyzyl, recorded at 29th. November 1977:

In the spring when the snow melted away and the gras grows again, a lonely man lay down to sleep in a remote location. As he fell asleep a witch appeared to him and took possession of his soul (ku'du) abducting it. A man that fell victim to an 'albys' is immediately ill. Sometimes he falls unconscious, become mentally disturbed or even mad. Only great shamans - a heavenly shaman or a hereditary shaman, can under some circumstances retrieve the lost soul of such victims and safe their life. A man healed after such a fight can himself become a shaman. Shamans call these shamans 'uk chok khamnar' - shamans without descendance. The great shamans help them to work professionally.

Conversation with Kherteg Irgek, winter-pasturage Ak-Erik, Mongun-Taiga-region, recorded at 21st. August 1985:

Some shamans decendet from albys-witches. These shamans are very intelligent and extremely friendly. My father once has seen such a shaman. It was Duguraan. The shaman was physically strong and lived in the upper Khemchik-region, far from taiga and valleys. He visited many different places and had the power to heal any mental disorder. According to the traditions a rider once invited him and picked him up with another saddled horse. The legend knows that the shaman handed his shamanic headdress, garb, druming stick and his shamanic drum, to the rider with the words: "Ride home, I am following soon!" - he himself remained in his old jurt meanwhile. The rider returned home to the jurt of the sick person as fast as possible. The shaman Duguraan already arrived there, sat there and drank tea. Although there was only one path that led from the shaman's jurt to the one of the sick person, the albys-shaman used a miraculous quicker path - what he always did in all other cases.

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