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dear uktug khamnar - The shamans that descended from Heaven

    These shamans can manipulate the weather. When travelling they are at home in all three shamanic worlds - the upper reality, the middle world and the lower world. During their soul-flight they usually change shape into various animals, but also hybrids between man and animal. Lightning often plays an important role in their initiations and shamanic works. Mongush Kenin-Lopsan collected these interesting materials:

Conversation with Mongush Bora-Khoo, village Khondergej, Dzun-Khemchik-region, recorded at 10th. October 1954:

The Dzun-Khemchik from the shore of the river Khondergej claimes that he descendet from the azarlar and khoorlar that dwell geyond the nine blue heavens in the white heaven or ak deerde. He was stroke by lightning in his youth during a hunt. Three days later his elder brother found him: The injured one was unconscious, barely breathing. He was taken to his jurt and a Buga Kham was called, a bull-shaman, that should save his life. The bull-shaman was informed that the unconscious one was hit by lightning and he explained what kind of fate a shaman that descended from heaven awaits. According to him the lightning was sent by a great shaman from the clan of the azarlar and khoorlar, that dwell in heaven.

Conversation with Oorzhak Oktek-Ool, village Tchaplag Sorug-Axy, Süt-Khöl-region
aufgenommen am 21. August 1990:

The well-known heaven-shamaness Mongush Kham-Kadai lived in the valley of river Ak, at the estuary of river Alash. In our country only she was able to help people that lost their mind. It is said that she sent down a lightning to strike a mad one. Even when the clothes of the mad client burned his life was never in danger. She healed him with lightning. It is also said, that she could work miracles. She was invited to severals places and she never was growing tired in her prolonged journeys. She healed her clients with lightnings and gifted dying man with life. All were afraid of her. Mongush Kham-Kadai died in the thirties of the 20th. century at a winter-pasture at the shore of the river Ak. Back then in Tuva was the class-fight ravaging and so she was not buried in a seri or a sky-burial - as it is tradition - but in a common grave.

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