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yzyguur salgaan khamnar - The hereditary Shamans

    Most tuvinean shamans belong to this class of shamans. According to the tuvinean tradition these shamans have at least nine shamans among their ancestors. This situation is also calles tos ada - nine fathers (note that in germanic mythology Heimdall has nine mothers). The first shaman-mother was a woman that died due to a deadly arrow that hit her. Her son had the sign of the arrow on his forehead and he was also the first shaman - according to G.N. Potanin. The hereditary shamans have the shamanic larch as their symbol - kham dyt. During spring-time, when the cuckoo is heard, these shamans perform a ritual dedicated to the shamanic larch. Kham dyt represents the root of life and is the clan-symbol of the hereditary shamans. When one of this shamans dies his successor performs this ritual and so establishes a connection to his predecessor. As an example of an hereditary shaman in our times I am quoting Sariglar Borbak-Ool, who died some years ago and whose successor I know personally for years now. What he told us:

At Plankenstein, 1996 and at Proitze, 2000:

Khemtchik - that is the region where I was born in the year of the serpent. There is a big river, 1929. When I visited your wonderful land for the first time I met a snake which is a very good omen. A shaman you cannot become. You are born to be shaman, also from your heritage. I am a shaman of the seventh generation. I am uniting the abilities of six shamanic generations within myself. And there were many different shamans among them: There were devil-shamans, shamans with the spirit of the forests, with the spirit of the rivers that are united within me. Even shamans from the heaven and my own talent of giving benevolence to the people. My parents told me that on the village's fields a storm appeared. I would have seen that on this storm sat a man with a whip in his hand. As a child I run after this wind and lost my consciousness. My knee was hurt and I became ill. An old, strong shaman came and told about me that I am becoming a shaman later in my life and that I should take the shamanic mirror of my grandmother.

Conversation with Kenesh Mongush Khorluuevich, village Khondergej, Dzun-Khemchik-region, recorded at 11th. April 1979 in Kyzyl:

The algysh of the shaman Kara-Sal Izher for his ancestors:

My father whose name was truely bull-shaman,
had the nickname 'The lovely ruffian Sonam'.
yes, everywhere my father performed wonderful rituals
and he flied over the peaks of the Kyzyl-Taiga-mountain.

He conducted the ritual in the forest
and his body shivered as he sung his algysh in ecstasy.
Yes, my daay irem was famous for his root-of-creation.
It is time to return home now. Let us go back, chany Oglu.

My grandmother was the greatest of my seven ancestors seven deerbek had she removed.
My shamanic grandmother's name was Kazyrykpaj,
and her algysh reached the noble ak.

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