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The Shamanic Extraction-Technique

    This technique is being used to clean the client's aura from dark, unhealthy energies and semi-intelligent beings with sucking, hunting down, burning out or other activities. Ask your spirits how you should perform an extraction. Get as much details as possible to avoid problems. In shamanic journeys the unhealthy energies in a client's aura usually appear like insects or other vermins.

    You should touch such energies only with energetical protective measurements, like the imagination of gloves or plates that isolate and protect your hands. Many shamanists underestimate the necessitiy of this protections. How important it is to have such protections I learned myself on the hard way: Many years ago I shamanized a client with a dangerous disease. I did not protect my hands and subsequently felt the symptoms the client had, some hours after the session. I could clean myself, but I learned my lesson. If you have helpers that drum or help you otherwise you should take care that they are protected, too.

    Now you are knowing why the sucking-technique is one of the more dangerous ones, because you keep the extract in your mouth after you sucked it out from the client's aura. Usually the sucking is done with a kind of instrument like the drumming stick or a special tool, a feather or so. I myself use this technique only when I am possessed by a spirit, that name translates as "The Devourer".

    Before and after a shamanic session it is very important to conduct a cleansing. Usually it is done during the banishings. Cleansing is also a vital part of energetic works like extractions. Water is a good medium for taking away these energies. Washing my hands is a part of such shamanic sessions, before, during and after it.

    I am living near the river Lech my whole lifetime and because I am shamanizing here also, I can throw the extracts into the Lech. This is a good way of getting rid of those energies easily. Before you do this you should ask the river's spirit for allowance. If you do not have a river in your neighbourhood you also can ask a sea, the ocean, a vulcanoe or something similar to help you there. It is a sign of bad style when you simply throw this energies into the face of nature's spirits without asking them.

    The placebo-effect is an invention thousands of years old. Remember this in your shamanic session. When you are binding those energies into a tangible item the client can much easier accept the fact that this energy is now extracted and taken care of. The sucking technique is the best technique to use the placebo-effect. Shamans are tricksters, too. But using this placebo-effect in connection with the sucking-technique requires much experience and should not be done by beginners.

    I know two methods of dealing with more intelligent beings that are to be extracted from the client's aura. Both techniques require much preparation before you can use them efficiently, but safe you much time, as soon as you have done all your homework. The first technique is a kind of driving away by threatening. You can intimidate spirits and so drive them out. Here is an fictive example of such an intimidation-spell:

By the Power of the Eagle, go away!
By the Power of the Bear, go away!
By the Power of the storm, go away!
By the Power of the Donau, the Lech and the Wertach, go away!
By the Power of the dwarves and elves, go away!
By the Power of Wotan, Thor, Loki, go away!
By the Power of Fenris, Nidhögg, Naglfars and the Norns

    All of these calls must be prepared well. The spirits you are calling for help need to be contacted and asked for permission, sometimes you have to make a deal with them. Shamans are not only specialists in communicating with with the twilight's inhabitants, they also are specialists in trading with the spirits. Many accounts on that were distorted by the christians and were marked as pact with the devil, which is the perverted form of the classical shamanic pact with the spirits. No spirit can remain long in a client's aura when threatened with such powerful allies. However, if this does not work because the spirit is either a fool or self-deluded enough you can go on with another kind of spell. You are directing your energies and allies towards the spirit that resides in the aura of the client and start to dismantle it in many little parts. This sounds like that:

A part of you in the Donau!
A part of you in the Wertach!
A part of you in the Lech!
A part of you on the alps!
A part of you in the Kaiserstuhl!
A part of you in the Bodensee!
A part of you in the Black-Forest!
A part of you in the North-Sea!
A part of you taken away by the spirits of disease!

    Of course you need a good contact to the spirits you are mentioning in this spell before you consider to use this contact in this way. With each sentence you are ripping a small part of the intruder and throw it into the direction of the spirit mentioned, a short look what is happening with the part and continue with the ripping.

    The holes that once were filled up by the intruder must be refilled with energy. With what kind and how you should do that can be asked in a journey. Usually it is odic energy. Some healers utilize their own vital-force - but I ask my poweranimal, use runic energies or the chaos-sphere. An auric massage is also a good idea or using Reiki-energy. Although the use of your own energy is okay, on the long run you are suffering yourself, which is obviously not the goal of healing at all. When I am talking of Reiki I do not mean those esoteric people that collect master degrees like stamps. I am refering to those practitioners that are really able to utilize the Reiki-energy and who have learned with a trustworthy teacher or master.

    Your own well-being is another factor during and after a shamanic session. If you feel worn out after a session it is okay. But if you feel drained and without energy you have made some mistakes and you should pay some attention to your technique. It is possible that the shamanic session is confronting you with some of your own problems. Then it is important to deal with your own problems first before you enter a shamanic session again.

    I think it is important to mention that not everyone is really able to do a shamanic session on himself. It is a kind of blindness towards your own problems which is a well-known situation. Spirits tend to heal you in an unexpected way and without being questioned to do so. So it is important for a shamanic practitioner to participate in active shamanic drumming circles or to be checked shamanically by competent shamans. It is a good idea anyway to stay in contact with other shamans and to be shamanized by them on occasion. No one is without failures.

    Self-healing can also be induced by the body-postures Felicitas Goodman researched. I myself have some very good experiences in using them. The conscious direction and development of your auric energies is also very recommendable. The asiatic tai-ji or qi-gong are two of the best starting points, also I can recommend tao-yoga.

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