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Modern Spirits

    In many ways modern spirits are opposing the rural and ancient spirits. City spirits are being encountered in the modern civilization and technic and have little in common with their natural counterparts.

The Stadtgeist

    A city spirit (called Stadtgeist) can be very old. The oldest remainings of buildings are dating back to 5000 years B.C. (I think). Of course stadtgeists are younger but can age two to three thousands of years, still. Cities are powerful places. In europe many cities were being built around or near holy sites of power and some city-names are still reflecting this. Later churches were raised on the ancient celtogermanic sites of power. The energetic aspects can be easily proofed by root and pendulum. Many humans are living in a city and adding more power to the stadtgeist or soul of the city. Each city possesses an own soul with individual characteristics. The architectonic style of the buildings, its demographic datas, its geographic position and its historical development are scientific terms of the unique nature of a city. Its feeling and outlook the shamanic and intuitive part. Every small village has its own soul. Of course this spirit can be contacted. If you are moving into a new city the particular spirit demands adaptation from you. Cities look like gigantic tumors or boils on the nature's ground, swallowing everything. Even its arteries and veins (streets) are devouring and destructive by nature. Rural spirits are seldom encountered in cities, but more and more modern spirits can be found in the nature.

Artificial created Spirits

    Sounds strange a bit at the first moment. But if you have a look on the shaman's drum as an artificial created item you will realize the wisdom behind this terminology. Each drum has its own soul, dwelling in it. Not only in shamanic tools-of-the-trade these spirits can be encountered but in often used tools and items of the daily life, too. Some car owners will smile when I tell you that their car is alive in some ways. Regular used items develop a kind of soul during the time. The personality is rudimentary but can be feeled and contacted. Ancient buildings have a personality, too. This sounds schizophrenic, but it is not. The house is not talking to via the fridge or the table. It can be feeled and contacted in shamanic journeys.


    The above mentioned spirits have nothing in common with the poltergeists. Two factors are necessary for the existence of a poltergeist phenomenon. One inhabitant must possess an extroverted personality structure which is projecting inner conflicts and tensions to the outer world and of course a critical situation or experience creating enough tension in this person. Often some rests of morphogenetic fields of obsessive parts from deceased persons tend to use the huge amount of energy to their ends. This can be resolved shamanically via the classical psychopompos work of the shaman, banishing and cleansing of the room and a shamanic healing session for the client's. Very seldom a personality fragment of a deceased person is strong enough to produce such effects on its own. A living projector of energy is to these beings as light is for the insects.

Social Class Spirits

    Social classes are often separated from each other. Journeys to the different classes can be very interesting. For example the class of homeless persons. The spirit of them I am calling the "Sandlerkönig" (which is being translated as the king of the homeless ones) and represents the blueprint of the homeless persons. For each social class such a spirit can be found. However, in shamanic work they are only of limited usefulness.

Plutonic Spirits

    Many spirits entered our life since the thirties. Since pluto was detected as ninth planet of our solar system, the plutonic energy is subliminal in our society. Spirits like the atomic energy (power plants), microelectronics and the spirit of progress are the famous ones. They are double-edged entities. On one side they can be very helpful but on the other side they are extremely dangerous to life and health. The planetary spirits of pluto are the most difficult to handle and the strangest and alien like ones in our solar system, perhaps only second to the spirits dwelling in the cloud of Ohrt. They personify the ultimate power of growth, progress and transformation. The spider of the Internet is common to all the readers of these lines. The web contains a strong potential of transformative possibilities and some voices already can be heard that see the web as a starting point of the transformation of the whole planet - wherever this may lead us.

The Spirit of Money

    The rules regarding the correct interaction with spirits are valid for this spirit, too. You have to sacrifice time, energy and money, you must respect it to make Money your best friend. There are people, obsessed by the spirit and people shunned by the spirit of money. Degrading and bad thinkings like "I hate money, it is so mudane" are wrong ways of dealing with this spirit. It is a vital part of our daily life. Alternate models are working on low scale only. The power of money is terrific in our world today. Attracting more money and power could work, when you put a 1000$ note in a frame over a little shrine, dedicated to money. Regular adorings do the rest. Money attracts money, soon you will realize this.

"Drug" Spirits

    I am regarding to nicotine, heroin, coffeinum, alcohol, LSD, hashish or marijuana. Drug addicted individuals show patterns of possession in their behavior. These spirits are dangerous and grip persons with soul loss, weak personality or unbalanced life style. Of course drugs can be of use, too. Possessed by the spirit of the mushroom or the vine the shaman can make long flights of the soul or gazes deep into the structures of the multiverse. The spirit is honoured in holy rites. Currently such rites are missing in our culture. The addictions are resulting from this gap. The mundane use of holy and powerful spirits degrades them. They react accordingly and take the well known consequences.

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