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Willpower and Energy

    How much willpower do you have? At first the reply is easy, depending on your self-esteem. Willpower is more then only a proverbial attribute of humans, but before I can explain this properly I first have to elaborate some basics. Anyone of us possess a physical as well as an energetic body. The energetic part of our existence we can experience in shamanic works. Since the knowledge on the energetic body and its physiology is more or less common knowledge to the spiritual interested reader I can asume that you already have at least some ideas on its specialities. To prevent misunderstandings I point out here that I do not offer another model of explanation of this energetic part of us. I only describe some details on energetical distributions, strengthening and utilization of the energy required for shamanic and magic rituals and activities.

Soul-loss as strong loss of Energy

    In the article on soul-loss I describe the reflectory reaction of the energetic body to traumatic events which results in a temporary loosing a part of your soul most of the time. If the soul-loss is permanent the consequences are more disturbing. Some are unconscious but others are more obvious and can be felt. Here in this article I limit myself to the energetic problems that arise from a soul-loss. Loosing a part of your soul creates a kind of hole in your auric body. Where the lost part was located now a gap can be seen with your third eye. This gap sometimes filles itself with various alien and unhealthy things not at home within your aura. This can lead to addictions like gaming-, eating-, drug-addiction, the thrive for prestige to name just a few of them.

    The energetic advantage of those addictions is not that efficient, thus the desire to repeat and to increase the addiction in accordance. Another factor complicates the whole problem that usually is overseen by "professionals": Those holes can also host alien soul-parts or some lesser spirits with a life of their own, living as an energetic parasite. Greater spirits can also enter this hole by when you are addicted to entheogenic substances like tobacco or alcohol. Abusing such spirits is never a good idea - imagine what an abused spirit can do to you.

    Another reaction is energetic vampirism that such people with more grave soul-loss actually do subconsciously. In order to compensate their own loss they suck energy from other's aura. In partnerships it can be perceived as an unbalanced relation when one partner is sucking energy from the other. You can see this disbalance also in both partner's habitus, behaviour, psychical and physiological state of health. The sucking partner is in excellent shape and full of energy the sucked one on the other hand is ill, weak and lacking motivation to do anything. Sometimes the sucking is so intense that a soul-part is captured. Usually the weak, sucked partner appears at your door asking for shamanic help. But this does not help much because it is the other partner that actually needs the help.

    It is a good idea to seek the help of a competent shamanist in order to retrieve the lost soul and to heal the fragmented soul. The shaman enters the twilight and searches for the lost part. After retrieval of it the client has to be careful and also needs to do certain things to re-integrate the retrieved soul-part permanently into his aura again. The sudden increase of energy can be irritating for the client, therefore I suggest to such clients to keep their activities low after a soul-retrieval to cope with the energetic changes. Some clients lost too much energy in their lifetime and a recapitulation is required first, before a lasting soul-retrieval can be done. This technique is described in detail by Victor Sanchez or Carlo Zumstein.

Energy Follows Thought

    We are always responsible for anything that happens to us or how we experience our universe. This begins already in the early childhood. We learn that the best way of communication with our surroundings (parents) is speach and nonverbal communication as well - both channels of communications that are based on more or less conscious conventions or instincts. The twilight was as real as the material reality to us but we were not able to separate both worlds of experience. Within the learning-process in early childhood and in the youth usually the twilight is erroneously considered as less real then the material world. Instead of learning to deal with the reality of the twilight from the beginning it is more usual to loose the easy access and sensing of it in the course of growing up. The growing up child is continously being suggested that the twilight is not real, a mere fantasy, thus unimportant. And so the twilight slowly retreats from the childs reality and tje veiles of ignorance are concealing it.

    Looking at ourselves we quickly find many situations in which we tell ourselves: "No. That is beyond my abilites!" - often we did not even tried anything to accomplish the task when we are stating this sentence of believe. This way of thinking already programs our failure or at least increases the possibility of failure. Self-fullfilling prophecies follow the same principle. It is difficult to led go hard-wired convictions. Changing convictions and persuasions can take a long time. It is also a goal of high-magic to gain control over your own set of convictions. The magician to change himself and thus the universe surrounding him. The knowledge of the own Holy Guardian Angel and his own "True Will" or "Primary Obsession" can be achieved by this kind of magical work. The path of the "Left Hand" - the vama marg - is one of the quickest and most dangerous paths that leads to the accomplishment of communication with the Holy Guardian Angel and the knowledge of the True Will. But is still considered "black-magic".

    The total concentration and focus on a goal requires a high self-discipline. Body and mind become the arrow that is aimed at the goal. Energetically this means the necessity of utilizing the maximum of available energy to reach the goal - be it a magical sentence of will, a state of consciousness, a journey, the daily business, an examination, or a rite of possession. The total devotion to the moment can be described like this: Every moment of life the warrior is living like it would be his last moment or action of life. Concentrating all available energy and attention to the action or moment he does not waste anything anymore. A shamanic ritual or a magical action done incidentally quickly or the mind is not focussed but strolls around during the ritual the failure is programmed already.

    Even if done in the right set of your mind, many rituals are not working, sill. Many of these failures can be explained by the lack of energy and power that is released during the ritual because it is bond in other locations in your mind. Boldly spoken: Being a hobby-shaman or hobby-magician, having only little energy and time left for this kind of acitivities, like "Oh well, I can spare some time at Saturday, between five and six p.m., for a quick ritual" is not the best starting position for a successfull ritual. An revision of your inner structures is then required in order to get enough energy freed for practicing the art of magic. This can also be stated in relation to shamanic works, even when you consider the fact that most shamanic things are done and performed by the spirits. But the contact and relationship to your allies also need to be paid attention. If you ignore your poweranimal or your allies, not looking after them for a long time then you should not be surprised when their helping effect can be easily overlooked. Thus you need to re-structure yourself enegertically as a shamanic practitioner, also. The shamanic techniques need to be learned and trained, too. All this requires time and energy that can be used when you are revising your daily routines and lifestyle.

Techniques to increase Power and Energy

    Much energy is being wasted to keep up "self-conceit". Self-conceit is anything that we consider as "ego" and its daily manifestations. This wasting of energy can easily eat up nearly all energy you have. Anything in connection with self-delusion, self-deception, self-assessment, self-abasement or ego-boosting as well as bad habits are part of the self-conceit. Self-abasement usually needs very much energy. If you think long enough of yourself as being inferior or incapable you soon loose much energy and loose your drive. If your self-conceit becomes habitually and serves only your self-delusions, you loose grounding and an inflationary ego develops fast. If these foci break down not much remains afterwards. People caught in this trap of inflationary ego do not have much time and energy for other things left.

    So it is very important to get clear and straight which habits are useful and healthy and which ones are a waste of energy. Self-conceit is usually totally unnecessary for shamanic and magic experience. At last the self-conceit also leads to the infamous back-stroke. The re-channeling of energies bound in your self-conceit can be done by revising your dogmas and believes of your ego. What does that mean for your daily life? Energy consuming habits like smoking, drinking, luxurious life-style and waste of money, verbal diarrhoe or self-conceits of any kind have to be reduced step by step over time. Franz Bardon's mirror of the soul is a quite efficient method of inducing these changes and becoming aware of your habits.

    Rah Omir Quintscher describes the method of thought-formulas, too. The sentence "My magical power is stronger from day to day" or the simple word "power" repeated mentally as a mantram on a daily base increase your mental and magic power considerably already after some days of practice.

    Another path is the multiple orgasm - sexuality as a fountain of power. More then 2000 years ago in the writing "Speach of the highest Tao under the heaven" it was being written: "A man that has sexual intercourse without wasting his semen, enforces his life-substance. Is he doing this two times his senses of hearing and sight increases, becoming sharper. Is he successfull three times his physical malices disappear. With the fourth time he begins to feel inner peace. After the fifth time his blood circulates powerful. At the sixth time his genitals develop extraordinary abilities. At the seventh time his thighs and buttocks become strong. At the eighth time his body becomes healthy. At the ninth time his life-time increases greatly." (Quoted from Chia & Arava; "The Multi-Orgasmic Man: Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know") Tantric and sexual-magic techniques, revealed by authors like Chiah or Tyson, belong to the strongest techniques to conduct illuminatory works. Tao Yoga is indeed noteworthy and a good recommendation for increasing health and your own energy-level. Iron-shirt qi-gong and the big circulation, the inner smile and inner alchemy are all valuable techniques to improve your energetic system.     Another possibility to increase or to fuel yourself up with energy is to go to powerful locations and to do rituals there. But you should keep in mind to enter those locations with respect and not without honouring the resident spirits, asking them for allowance to use and enter the location, where they live. Some locations are specialized and a magical or shamanic useage of such a place requires a good relation to the location's spirits, as well as some knowledge on the history of it. This kind of knowledge you can achieve by communication with these spirits and also by geomantic divination.

    If you want to induce such effects like teleporatione, manifestations, visible evocations (by emanating ectoplasma etc.), psychometry or instant healings it is not enough to pay attention to the above mentioned things only. Max. F. Long described in his works on Huna the inner strucutures and relations of these phenomenons.

    Huna is a kind of spiritual psychology. Long recommends to charge yourself with high-energy. Some operations in magic and shamanhood require much energy to induce effects in the material world. The required energy is usually lend from the auric energy of the attending magicians or shamans which lead to problems with the circular course (in my own case) or even short absent moments. This amount of energy is rarely needed in shamanic works and I think it is important to point out that tensegrity does not provide enough of it. Runic yoga is one possible and working method of getting this much energy.

    Of course there are many methods of charging - common to all is that they need to be practiced in the first place. If you want to delve deeper into this I recommend the works of Max F. Long and Allen Kardec. An interesting side-effect during rituals that manifest such large amounts of energy is that it can be difficult to photograph or record the ritual with old-fashioned non-digital recording devices which obviously react on these energies.

The Back-Stroke

    In various magical works the back-stroke is explained like this: "What you are sending out is coming back a hundred times stronger." - and other similar rules of thumb. These "wisdoms" are only telling you a part of the truth behind it. It is quite clear what happened whan a back-stroke is taking place on an energetic base. The more inner blockades and resistance within yourself are hindering the undisturbed flow of energy within a ritual the more intense the back-stroke is taking place. Those with a developed and strong moralic instance suffer the most by the back-stroke when they do something against their moralic rules.

    Thus if a magician or a shaman wants to unleash a damaging and darker sorcery but has a strong inner resistance against violence of any kind, or simply has a bad conscience, then the unconscious part of him does punish him with exactly the consequence that is mandatory by his moralic system. Sometimes this also happens when something more constructive is being weaved because in many christian mind-sets the very act of sorcery is already a bad thing. Here the power follows the thoughts, too. The more inner resistance exists the less the manifestation of the wish can be realized. The less you stick on such restrictive dogmatas the better is the efficiency and the weaker the back-stroke. The back-stroke can also happen when the target of your magic can defend itself and simply reflects the magic.

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