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Spirit-marriage and sexual intercourse with Spirits

    This article on my website and my PDF provoked various more or less silly reactions by certain readers. I learned by these reactions that there still exist some really old-fashioned and weird opinions on how the actual practice of sexual intercourse with poweranimals or any other spirit looks like. On the other hand they reveal the individual's hidden desires and fears which are being projected unto this article's contents. Of course I also receive very positive feedback on it, showing that I again closed a gap in the seemingly conservative and frigid shamanic-scene that some blockheads rather prefer being left open. Sometimes I consider the more aggressive and negative reactions by those persons that indeed think themselves being a "shaman" or claim to have deep contacts with their spirits as a manifestation of their own insecurity towards things unknown to them or that do not fit into their matrix of behaviour and believes. Because sexuality is an emotional heavily charged topic they are reacting quite aggressive in their rejection of the concept presented here.

    "Jerking off with your poweranimal" obviously does not count to the nice and sterile image of life of those people. The funny part of the whole thing is that the deep relationship to the being called "poweranimal" does mean much more then the provocative practice of self-love mentioned in quotation-marks. Shamans often are not fitting into the common frame of behaviour, frequently they cross the borders of accepted ways of thinking, also regarding to sexuality which is topic here in a special way. Of course not all shamans are strange in these things, but the chance is higher then among the non-shamans. To marry a spirit-ally is socially accepted in some siberian tribes. The practice of spirit-marriage is also revealing the shaman's charateristic of crossing borders.

    Like eating and drinking sex is something natural to your body and of course a very nice activity. It is a special gift to the spirit-ally to engage into energetic exchange via sexual intercourse in sexual-magic practices. The ecstatic melting between shaman and spirit-ally can lead to highest bliss and pleasure. Approaching this practice as a newcomer requires a willing and cooperative spirit-ally in the very first place. It is noteworthy that in ancient cave-paintings and later images shamans deep in animal-trance or adorned with animal-costumes frequently are depicted sexually aroused - a fact which you can experience by yourself in deep animal-trances. This by no means should imply that you need to engage yourself into sodomistic sexual practices. You would shake your head what strange and perverted fantasies can be projected by people that do not know the actual practice by themselves. Shamanists that think this kind of sexual intercourse is sodomistic by nature should lay down their drum and pass it to others that can deal better with it.

    In India this practice is called prayoga. Prayoga is shunned there, too, because of the very same idiotic prejudices on its practice. It is of course much more safe and accepted to flee into bhaktiyoga, the total devotion to a deity that usually is meeting the social moralic expectations that are being part of their life since birth.

    The demonising in Europe took place because of the denial of the body by the christian dogma that led to the suppression of the woman and to the total hate against sexuality at all. So it is no surprise that this particular practice is shunned and condemned. Today it is difficult to tell whether the daemonic Succubi and Incubi mentioned during the time of inquisition are projections of the frigid church-fathers or a factual spiritual practice. Maybe both.

    Nevertheless sexual intercourse with an energetic being is completely different to normal sex you have. It is nearly impossible to describe the sexual alchemy that happens, as well as the different kind of ecstacy. From the outside only the arousal looks like the one commonly known. The melting can be so intense and last very long that I think it is quite important to practice Tao-Yoga to deal with it in the best way possible. Maybe not from the beginning of this practice, but in due time, the Kundalini arises during this intercourse, so you are better prepared when this is actually happening.

    Besides the very deep relation you have with your ally an intense exchange of energy takes place. Both energetic systems - yours and that of your spirit-ally - melting together in a direct ecstatic way, quite different from an animal-dance. If you are solo this practice enriches your life and your sexual life is more balanced. You also have a diminished drive to entangle yourself. This union also has an improved and stronger protective effect against malevolent energies and beings. Your vital-force is stronger, thus your creativity increases as well as love of life, joy and the materialization of your own visions. I want to point out that all these effects you also can reach by other means then sexual alchemy. But if your ally is offering this possibility to you it is a powerful way for reaching these results.

    Of course you want to know how I practice this myself, which ways can be done practically to actually have sex with a spirit-ally. Someone with enough experience in sexual magic or tantric practice of sexuality quickly can figure it out how to conduct Prayoga in proper manner. It is of course a practice that relies on your spirit-ally that actually has the last word on this. Your ally can estimate better whether you should walk this path or not. You yourself are the other part of this practice. If you are not feeling well when thinking of this practice you better abstain from it.

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