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The Navelchord

    We possess some spiritual, aetheric organs which can be utilized on many ways. One of them (besides the third eye) is the navelchord. Everyone of us has one and there is a german slang-word "an etwas hängen" (= cling to, hang on, be attached to) which can be seen as a reminder of old knowledge in this context.

    The navelchord's origin is the navel, even in the spiritual version. We can awake it from this point and use it. The awakening is very easy done with the power of your imagination. It looks like a shiny, bright rope-like thing, which grows from our navel and pulsates slowly. It can be directed according to your will. It is an energetic organ with many utilizations. The key for functioning in any of the desired ways is the power of your intention. The greater this power is the faster and better are the results to be expected.

    Putting the third eye at the distal end of the chord enables you to see "around the corner" - at the place, where your chord is being directed: into the clients body, through walls or into plants and animals. Your visions are very clear, using this technique.

    The chord can be used for energetic exchange within shamanic seances (to be used with caution), in your sexual life (with your partner) as a version of the inner circuit of the Tao Yoga. Within drumming circles you can use the chord as an additional connection to the other members of your circle: A large circle is being built by the attendants and their chords are meeting in the centre of the circle, the center of the universe, where the primordial fire or the axis mundi can be found. It looks like a wheel, then.

    Another very powerful utilization is the drawing or sending of energies from or to target objects. Many people do this unconsciously. The power or energy of plants, animals, natural phenomenons, spirits and even people can be drawn through the chord. A simply connection (like a sucker disc) at the target is enough. It can be done with additional breath-exercises: breathing in - sucking, breathing out - sending. Not to mention that this technique can be misused very easily. You are not going to be loved by your surrounding friends and spirits if you use it against them ...

    Another option for the chord is the control of animals. The chord completely encases the brain of the animal. Now the shaman "listens" to the thought-patterns of the animal. Then he starts to influence the thoughts along the current points of interest to his endings. An hungry duck can be influenced to seek nutrition nearer a certain point the shaman has in mind or an animal on the street can be urged to find more interesting things then the approaching car back in the fields (usually this can be a very intense sequence of influence, done in seconds with high success rates). Principally it can be used in a similar ways on humans, but it is far more difficult.

    The chord can be used as a safety-rope or guiding-rope in difficult terrains in the wilderness (or civilization). Fix one end at your destination (should be in visual range) and the other end at your starting point. On this way you create a stable rope which you can use as additional help to master the terrain. Castaneda described this technique in one of his books. His teacher demonstrated this technique at a waterfall.

    If you are redrawing your chord you should seal it in putting your both hands over the navel with the strong intention of sealing it safely away. It is a remarkable perception that an actually misusing or egoistic use of the chord is not possible without problems. Clearly the spirits and the users moralistic codex is influencing the whole thing. To use this technique efficiently youneed the clearance of thoughts and will, which can also be described as your "True Will".

    Many things we are unconsciously clinging to. If you want to end some of the more threatening connections: It is similar as a navelchord between you and the partner (in relationships, for example). Energy flows in both directions. If you want to end the relationship simply redraw this navelchord, which you can see in shamanic vision easily if you concentrate upon it. Such chords can be attached to material things, too. The redrawing ends this connection with success.

    The chord can emerge from any other part of your body, of course. It depends on the thing, the shaman want to achieve with its useage. From the front head it has something with wisdom and vision in common, from the mouth with knowledge, from the solar plexus with influencing and from your genitals with sexual magic endings.

The Power of Nature

    Did you ever have experienced the following: You are on a walk in the woods and you feel the cleansing and earthy power of the surrounding nature? If you are shamanizing and visiting the nature frequently then you surely have already established a friendly contact to various spirits of the nature. In another article I have written something on natural spirits. However, in this writing the emphasize lies more on the energetic aspect of working with natural spirits. The exercise described below is used to regain power and to be healed.

    This exercise isn't thought for a beginning shamanist but for the more advanced one. You should have experience with shamanic workings, especially the shamanic journey and the shamanic sight. It is recommended that you already are directing shamanic seances for clients which presumes an excellent contact to your spirits and ancestors. Another prerequisite is a feeling for energy as it is being taught and can be felt in Iron-Shirt Qi-Gong or Tao Yoga.

    At first you are conducting a journey with the intention to be led by your helping spirits to a location in the woods, where a natural spirit lives which wants to cooperate with you in this issue. This could be an river-spirit, plant-spirit, sea-spirit, mountain-spirit and so on. Let us asume you get the information to go to an tree-spirit (recommended by myself for this particular exercise, by the way). You are walking in reality to the place the spirits described to you in your journey and have a look at the spirit (trust your spirits). Then you go into shamanic trance and communicate with the spirit. Perhaps the spirit will give you additional informations like herbalistic knowledge, rites or wisdom, which currently are more important to you then our exercise. However, as a "filling station" this exercise is unbeatable for regeneration and cleansing. After you have asked the spirit and it is willing to cooperate you can start with the exercise.

    You can establish a good contact to tree spirits only after longer time periods of continual working with it. They have a different time-feeling and it takes its time to be noticed by the tree spirit more intensive than usual. Two to three weeks as a minimun time-period should be in your mind.

    You are opening your root- and your crown-chakra. The crown-chakra is being used to send your energy to the tree and the root-chakra is being used to absorb the cool and healing energies of the earth and the tree's roots. You can proceed as you like: You can use your hand-chakras for absorbing and sending at once or you are sending with the crown-chakra and receiving with the hands (using the bone-breathing technique of the Iron-Shirt Qi-Gong). The navelchord can be used accordingly in connection with the other possibilities. Be creative. When you are touching the trees bork with your hands you are standing in the midst of the trees auric field. You can think of many other possibilities of exchanging energies. Don’t forget to be thankful to the tree-spirit after finishing the exercise. Remember that the tree-spirit transformed your rubbish and bad energies!

    Within Qi-Gong the spirits are simply ignored. In my view this is a major mistake. The described exercise strengthens your immunity-system, heals, gives power and a strong feeling of unity and interconnectedness to the earth and its spirits.

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