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Aumakua - The Higher Self

    Separated from the other two selves the Higher Self - aumakua as it is named in hawaiian language - exists. The exact translation of this term is older, parental, utterly trustworthy spirit. It is difficult to describe this Higher Self in proper terms. It is equalized with god in many monotheistic religions - within the daily practice of prayer, not necessarily in the theological foundations of this paradigms. Prayers are usually directed to the Higher Self that has the power to manifest great things. The energy used by the Higher Self is called mana loa which can be compared with the strong nuclear force. The energetic body of the Higher Self is extremely thin and really seldom enters a physical body at all. The energetic body is similar to the ones of the other two selves. The Higher Self is also known as the guardian angel. Animals do not possess individual Higher Selves, like the humans do. They have a collective Higher Self - so all spotted eagles have one Higher Self in common - which can appear as tiergeist or totemic spirit of a shaman. In my articles on shamanism I usually call this spirit the power-animal or the tiergeist. The Higher Self cannot be harmed nor blocked by any actions in our reality. The powers of several Higher Selves can be combined when humans build a group with the same motivation to achieve something special. Then a bigger complex of beings exists that is called poe aumakua - a collaboration or community of Higher Selves.

     In order to contact a Higher Self the Middle and the Lower Self have to cooperate in harmony. The will and the wish of the Middle Self have to be charged with the vital-force of the Lower Self. Then this wish can be offered to the Higher Self. Between the Higher and the Lower Self an aka-chord exists that can be interrupted when the cooperation is not working. Also the sore conscience of a Lower Self can prevent a prayer to be heard by the Higher Self. Another way of contacting the Higher Self I am describing now - it is rather direct and somewhat different to a prayer. It begins like a game. In neoshamanic practice it is not unknown to have a wise, educated older spirit that acts as a teacher in the non-ordinary reality. This teacher-spirit can easily be contacted in shamanic journeys, also you can make a shamanic journey to your Higher Self. If you are not able to shamanize you can nonetheless try to establish a good contact. "Fake it until you make it!" is one good possibility to achieve this. You are pretending to talk to a wise teacher in an open dialogue. At the beginning of this communication you first have to get acquianted with this idea. I illustrate this with a short example. At the moment I am reflecting on how the universe that I can perceive is structured. Now I imagine a conversation with an old wise teacher.

Me: "Wise teacher, tell me, how is the universe structured that I know and live in?"

Then I assume the role of the wise teacher and make up a reply that is worthy of a wise teacher.

Teacher: "It is structered according to importance: Things that are important to you are nearer, less important ones farer away from your point of view."

Me: "Do all people percept the universe in this way?"

Again I assume the role of the teacher and reply:

Teacher: "No. Some of them have their main focus of attention far away from themselves or orient themselves, using other criterions."

And so forth.

     Sooner or later this game develops strong own dynamics and the replies of the teacher become more and more clear and less predictible. Then some time later you have established the direct contact to your Higher Self. This contact can even be improved by practicing the merkaba-meditation of Drunvalo Melchizedek. The contact to the Higher Self is vital for the activation of the rotating energy-fields. Please refer to his books Flower of Life in which he explains the meditation, though he often is not grounded and many things are fairy-tales. The meditation you find at the end of the second volume or in the internet.

     The Lower and the Higher Self can evoke a tingeling sensation of flowing mana. The Lower Self can evoke a tingeling that comes from below and raises slowly. The tingeling mana of the Higher Self feels like a shower that comes from above. In shamanic sessions I can feel whether the session is going to be succesfull or not - depending on the tingeling sensations of mana. The success depends on the clients disposition - when the Middle Self of the client thinks a session is mandatory, the Lower or the Higher Self can have a different opinion on this idea. Then it is quite impossible to actually manifest anything during the session and I stop it immediately.

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