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Unihipili - The Lower Self

    A man is the result of the effects of three different kinds of spiritual beings with their own energies and realities. They are connected closely with each other but each possesses an own will that manifests itself in different ways. The first of these three beings is called the Lower Self. In hawaiian language it is named Unihipili or Uhinipili. Serge King names it Ku.

     The Lower Self generates all emotions and is the seat of our memories. Unfortunately the Unihipili does not possess much rationality, it thinks in images and communicates via emotions. You can communicate with your Lower Self by pendulum or any symbolic language like the runes or tarot, or within a shamanic journey. Do not confuse the Unihipili with your power-animal - to equalize this two beings reveals a lack of knowledge in Huna and shamanism.

     The vital-force is called mana in Huna and all three spirits have their own form of vital-force. The Lower Self has the vital-force with the least "voltage" - it is simply called mana. When mana is strong its magnetic power manifests, either as repelling or attracting force. Tests with natural talented psychics that could move compass-needles or items without touching them are a fascinating proof of this. Mana can be stored in wood or other porous materials. Under the force of will a strong discharge of mana can stun or mesmerize a person. The target of such a discharge can fall into deep sleep, become unconscious or cataleptic.

     The energetic body of the Lower Self possesses the ability to stick to anything that touches it. This connectedness with all things implied by this ability actually has some practical consequences. So this energetic body is a very good conductor and store of vital-force. During spiritual seances this body can build even visible hands that can move items. In Huna it is assumed that everything possess an energetic body, items and even thoughts. Connections established by the sticky mana-body can be used to transmit informations or energy - I have written on this technique in my article on the navelchord.

     The energetic body itself is being called aka in hawaiian language, so the aka-chords are the mentioned connections this body establishes. In shamanic sessions this aka-chord between two persons can be cut in a special cutting-ceremony. Even between living persons and deceased ones those chords can exist: sometimes the relatives cannot let got their dead, then you can find sometimes really strong aka-chords. Within a cutting ceremony it can be cut. Energetic vampires use these aka-chords to fill up their own missing energy by sucking it through from their victms - most of the time subconsciously.

     The Lower Self behaves like a little child. It thinks in images and very directly. Sometimes it plays some tricks with you, for example when you miss your car's key and after you used some other ways of transportation you remember that you have forgot this key at home and know where it tries to catch dust. Sometimes the Lower Self does not want to cooperate with you anymore or it wants your Middle Self to do something ridiculous. The cooperation between this two selves can be improved when you learn to establish a conscious exchange of informations and subsequently learn how your Lower Self thinks and why it does so. Direct ways of communications are the shamanic journey into your own self or the pendulum. It talks to you by inner images, memories and emotions - it rarely uses language. When you use the pendulum you can receive primitive informations like yes/no/unknown, black/white.

     If you feel worn out and weak after a shamanic session or a magical ritual you have used too much of your own vital-force in it. This is also a clear indicator whether you utilize reiki-energy or not. During difficult shamanic sessions you are sometimes using very much of your own energy, your blood-sugar level is falling and you can even pass out in rare cases. Mana is created in the cells of your body by the silent combustion which generates also generates body-heat. A stimulation of your metabolism, combined with the conscious intention of generating vital-force done before a shamanic session can prevent you from suffering the side-effects of loosing too much of your own vital-force. I myself experienced this situation only in very few shamanic sessions and only in such sessions in which strong manifestations took place. In spiritistic seances this higher useage of vital-force can be felt when the temperature of the room is falling noticeable and the sometimes strong exhaustion of the medium involved.

     The Lower Self can establish the contact to the Higher Self and can send mana to it. This only works without problems when the Lower Self does not have a remorse towards the Middle of the Higher Self. The Lower Self acts very emotionally thus not very rational. You know this situation, I am sure: Again you have forgotten to fetch your front door key and the door just slammed behind your back. In front of the now closed door you curse yourself because of your forgetfulness. In reality the Middle Self is insulting the Lower Self. If this is happening more then once it is highly possible that the Lower Self then tries to make everything very right and arbitrarily generates the intention and feeling that you should check on your front-door-key whether you have it with you or not. Another reaction could be that the Lower Self developes a remorse and thinks that it has lost its face and cannot look anymore into the eyes of the Middle Self or Higher Self. To free your Lower Self from such a sore conscience you can start to find them in the first place. Then you try to convince your Lower Self that the remorses are without sense and lacking a reason. This process is called kala-cleansing. During the kala-cleansing you are solving the issues between you and your Lower Self. Whether a Lower Self developes a remorse depends on your teamwork with it. The Lower Self is looking up to the Middle Self in deep admiration. Actions and decisions of the Middle Self are accepted without any critical thought, thus there exit some man that are obviously lacking any moral but are still at peace with themselves. An aspect that is easily overseen and ignored in the modern reception of huna.

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