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The Huna Prayer

     During a shamanic journey you can contact your power-animal and tell this spirit your wishes. You are handing over the wish to your power-animal and let things go. Years ago I learned that it would be in the hands/claws/fangs of the spirits whether they manifest your wish or not. It also was mentioned that wishes I have for other people would be fulfilled much easier then wishes I have for my own. The huna-prayer is different to this, and much more efficient if conducted properly. It is required that your Lower Self has a rather quite conscience and an established and working contact to the Higher Self that can be used in the prayer.

     At first it is most important that you are totally and absolutely clear on what you are wishing. You have to get a clear picture on the consequences your wish may have, when manifesting. I am illustrating this with an example. Let us assume that you want a nice house somewhere in the nature, not too expensive and exactly matching your ideas. This rather general wish you have to refine now into much more concret ideas and images. You have to know that this is a great wish, one that influences many peoples in their lifes if it is manifesting. Think of the people that are building your house, where it is placed in nature and the amount of nature that needs to be destroyed for your wish. The greater your wish - the lesser the possibility that your wish is fulfilled quickly. Why do you want this house in the first place? You should be clear about your intentions behind your wishes - at last you are communicating them to your Higher Self who tries to realize your wishes in the reality.

     All these things you took into your considerations. Now it is important that you formulate your wish most carefully. The huna-prayer only works with wishes that do not harm anyone or your surroundings. This limitation is obvious when you realize that it is your Higher Self that manifests them and not a wicked, evil spirit. It is very important that you take some time to formulate your wish and the prayer very carefully. Formulate in positive terms and ideas. Instead of Free me from all diseases it would be much better to use Please grant me healthiness. During this phase you are cooperating with your Lower Self. I myself usually also include the emotional part of my wish. I ask myself how I want to feel when my wish is manifested - of course I want to feel very lucky and well! Most magicians using sigil-magic simply ignore this very important component of a manifested wish. This can induce real mistakes. So a wish for money can manifest but it has negative consequences for yourself or your surroundings - in your preparations you did not specify your emotional reaction to the manifested wish.

     The next step is a symbolical representation of your wish. I try to elaborate as many details as possible in my imagination and use this image in my prayers. You can also create abstract symbols that represent your wish properly. Sometimes you are getting nowhere in this phase. Then you should think over your wish and the formulations again - sometimes a flash of genius of your Higher Self informs you: "This prayer is not good" - sometimes the Middle Self is educated by the Higher Self directly.

     You pray the huna-prayer for fulfilment and not as an end for itself, how prayers are utilized usually. To increase the possibility of fulfilment you can do the following steps. The first step is a mana-charging you have to induce. Kundalini-yoga can serve you in this deed. I also have written about some other techniques to reach this goal in the article on willpower. In the next step you meditate on your Higher Self and what it represents for you, and the contact you have with it. With some words you hand over the stored mana to your Higher Self as a sacrifice. This is achieved rather easily, you can use simple words like: "This mana I offer to you, you can use it as you like. This little sacrifice I offer you with all my heart." - now you pray the prepared huna-prayer in which you are telling the Higher Self your exact wish. Then, after the prayer, you charge the image or the symbol of your wish with mana. After this charging you repeat two times the prayer in deep confidence. After that another strong mana-offering via the aka-chord of the Lower Self to the Higher Self is performed to induce the manifestation of the huna-prayer. The last step is a simple acknowledgement to the Higher Self.

     The mana of the Lower Self is created by the silent combustion of your metabolism. So it is a close shot to increase this process and lay the main focus on mana-creation when you want to store large amounts of mana. Talk to your Lower Self, whom you also can give a name, and explain your intention to it: "Dear Lower Self! I want that you and me together are creating much mana now. I please you to help me in creating mana that we both need for our prayer." - this or any similar sentence you are speaking aloud, because spoken words are much more convincing then silent thoughts. Breath deeply and calm, no hyperventilation! During breathing you imagine how energy is flowing through your body. The process is supported when you use your arms, making gathering gestures to get the idea to your Lower Self what it should do now. Successfull mana-charging can be measured with dowsing-rods or the pendulum.

     Sometimes praying for something also means having much patience. A single prayer is seldem enough and sufficient. You are going to repeat your prayers frequently, as long as it takes for the Higher Self to fulfill your wish. Great wishes need much time to manifest. Some wishes are evergreens as long as you live, for example the wish for healthiness or wisdom. You can repeat them on a daily base. Some prayers become dull or boring when repeated over a long period of time. Then use new formulations or check whether the prayer is still useful or not. What I myself consider very important for successfull prayers is that I am not only pray but also try to offer the wish the possibilities to manifest. This attempts I named "to open a channel to manifest".

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