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Uhane - The Middle Self

    Our conscious personality is named Uhane or the Middle Self. The Middle Self has no memories at all, but is rational, can think logical and in abstract terms. Thoughts of the Middle Self require a higher voltage of mana that also can be measured in brain-activities. A more tangible manifestation of this kind of vital-force is your willpower that can also be transmitted mesmeric or via the aka-chord to other persons. This higher voltage vital-force is called mana mana in Huna. The energetic body of the Middle Self is less dense then the one of the Lower Self. Max Long is not sure about whether this energetic body can also transmit the mana of the Lower Self. It can transmit the mana-mana, of course. After your death this energetic body is the vehicle of the Middle Self. Usually both energetic bodies remain connected after death, both penetrate the physical body and utilize it as long as it is functioning.

     The Middle Self is manifesting the will and the initial initiative of your actions, as well as the intention of communicating with the Higher Self. Although the Lower Self actually establishes the contact it is the Middle Self that has to manifest the wish to do this, in the first place. Thus the Middle Self is the instance that is coming to a decision.

     When both spirits are cooperating with each other the Lower Self is being educated by the Middle Self. The Lower Self learns by the feedback of the Middle Self to resonate better with the will of the Middle Self. The Middle Self is much more developed, when seen with the eyes of the Lower Self. The Lower Self tries to communicate whatever it wants to the Middle Self. In the germanic mythology there is an interesting parallel symbolic image: Odin and his two ravens Hugin and Munin, whose names are translated as Reason and Memory. These three individuals symbolize the three different selves of Huna quite explicit. Hugin and Munin always act and travel together - they must cooperate with each other to be the eyes and ears of Odin. In this image Odin is the Higher Self.

     The Middle Self is also the initiator of the kala-cleansing, which is a kind of relation-clearing with the Lower Self. You try to re-establish a good relation with your Lower Self by the kala-cleansing. If you cannot plead for forgiveness anymore because the mourner is no longer available you can resolve this issue by the kala-cleansing, too. You simply recover the losses at other places - as long as the Lower Self realizes that this is an active way of making amends. Of course it is best to resolve the situation with the original person involved in this. The kala-cleansing demands also that you grant forgiveness according to your own moral.

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